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  1. Todo10

    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    Cliff, how long does it take to get the results since the laboratory gets the biopsy? In my case (testicular cancer) I had to wait 2 weeks for the results and I couldn't believe it took so long to get them.
  2. Todo10

    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    Cliff, my wife and I will pray for you both tonight.
  3. Todo10

    New update?

    Yes, indeed. Emoji support sooner (possibly tomorrow)
  4. Todo10

    Upload pictures from smart phone??

    Yes, since the new format is responsive and works on smartphones we deleted Tapatalk
  5. Todo10

    Upload pictures from smart phone??

    Hi I've increased the max file size for attachments. I also deleted the image size limit. Could you please try to upload the picture again?
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  7. Todo10

    New here

    Could you please send me the payment date here or by private message so I can check? Thank you
  8. Todo10

    New here

    Hi Mark, Which payment method did you use? I don't see you have any active subscription
  9. Todo10

    Change username?

    Sure, I've changed it
  10. Todo10

    Bigger pics

    Hi, If you upload an image a thumbnail will be displayed with a max size of 180px height or width (the image will be proportionately resized)
  11. Todo10

    unaware of spammers

    I don't get it...what do you mean?
  12. Todo10

    Just a thought. Create a "Test Forum"

    Hi Jay Posts can be edited but I agree with you. A test forum could be useful to check issues.
  13. Todo10

    name change update

    Done :) Don't you see your avatar?
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    Hi Eric If an attachment is missing you should see a "broken" icon. Could you please post the post link so I can check this? Thanks
  15. Todo10


    Please post the link URL where it takes you after click on it
  16. Todo10


    If you click on the ad there is nothing we can do. However if the ads display a popup without clicking on it let me know and we'll try to disable that ad.
  17. Todo10


    Have you tried to use another web browser? Please post a screenshot of the ad. It may be a malware installed on your computer. Thank you
  18. Todo10

    leave this page

    Hi Jeri That happens because you tried to reply a post and you didn't post the message. When you enter text on the editor it is automatically saved and that's why the forum platform is asking you if you want to publish the text or not. What you can do is press the Reply button and delete all...
  19. Todo10

    How was your morning? we got hacked

  20. Todo10

    Forum Problem

    Could you please post a screenshot of it? Thank you