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  1. cardoso5fr

    Could someone break it down for me?

    Most of the bearing are that sort of thing now :D
  2. cardoso5fr

    Curvy balisong

    Thank you :D
  3. cardoso5fr

    Curvy balisong

    I've started that balisong more or less 1 year ago.... But i was lazy in 2018 :) 14C28N flat grind, TA6V4 for everything except blade, bearing and screw , CC bearing . Latchless.
  4. cardoso5fr

    Lock back whittler

    Not my sort of knife, but to think it's all hand made, it's always a pleasure to see :)
  5. cardoso5fr

    Cardoff friction folder with clip on the blade

    Thank you very much :). Years ago, i didn't understand why people enjoyed friction folder and kiridashi, and finaly i did some and use them. And with the time, that is almost the two sort of knife i have with myself :D (except balisong to play sometime)
  6. cardoso5fr

    Cardoff friction folder with clip on the blade

    Thank you very much guys :). The clip function well especially if you use it as a pen clip on a tuxedo or something like that :D
  7. cardoso5fr

    Cardoff friction folder with clip on the blade

    Un cardoff 90MCV8 and T40 anodised and beadblasted. Ta6v4 spacer,Bronze Phosphore washer 8 cm sharp, .
  8. cardoso5fr

    Author's kitchen knife

    It's marvelous. I'm ultra fan of the result. Amazing work and blade.
  9. cardoso5fr

    34 pieces balisong

    Thank you :D
  10. cardoso5fr

    34 pieces balisong

    It's a 34 pieces balisong puzzle. 14C28N with 4" sharp, 3 mm TA6V4 handle branche . Ta6V4 latch and tang pins. Friction latch. Everything is set up on bearing. Double hollow grind but it's a thin false edge on the back.
  11. cardoso5fr

    Fixed blade for a build off

    Thank you very much. Build off is contest . Each knifemaker make a knife on the theme and post a wip :).
  12. cardoso5fr

    Fixed blade for a build off

    JD Halloween Devil Fighter 90MCV8 5mm , 17 cm hollow grind, double edge :). 29 cm long Ta6v4 bolster and pins. Kirinite and carbon fiber :D
  13. cardoso5fr

    2017 KD Members Choice Awards - TACTICAL FOLDER

    Thank you very much to have put my knife as proposal :). It's really nice to you :D
  14. cardoso5fr

    Big balisong

    A big balisong, 15N20 4.5' if my memory is not too bad, titanium grade 2 liner, ball bearing, Ti grade 5 latch en tang pins. Friction latch. Ghost jade G10 scale.
  15. cardoso5fr

    A puuko for the CZEN challenge 2017

    A friend from another forum is dead that year and for his memory commemoration the CZEN challenge has for theme the PUUKO a sort of knife he enjoyed especially. I did that one with O2 tool steel 4mm thick, 10 cm sharp (more or less), beadblasted. brass and oak for the handle. A small...
  16. cardoso5fr

    Classical 4"

    15N20, titanium and bearing, 4" blade. friction latch :D
  17. cardoso5fr

    Different balisong

    Thank you :D
  18. cardoso5fr

    Simple ti friction folder

    A friction folder with t40 handle, carbon fiber spacer, 14c28N blade bead blasted. More or less 8 cm sharp, ultra thin and ultra light. That is for the 26 year of a young woman. She was very happy with the gift :).
  19. cardoso5fr

    Different balisong

    It's a balisong a bit different from my usual work. That one is for a Kung Fu, aikido and other martial art practicer . 110WcRv5 differential hardening, bead blasted with a 8 cm edge sharp. Ta6V4 titanium handle, tang pins and friction latch. 110WCrV5 trempe différentielle, révélation par...
  20. cardoso5fr

    Simple kiridashi (C130)

    Something simple because i wanted to do something less complex than a bearing balisong with latch :D 6mm thick righter chisel kiridashi with more or less 5 cm sharp. Water hardening with a nice hamon. Bead blasted :D