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  1. Mrs. DC Knives

    2011 KD Members Choice Awards - Leatherworks

    I just received Dave's plaque yesterday. Thank you KD.
  2. Mrs. DC Knives

    Forum Available To New Makers

    Congrats Jim!!! Dave would want you to do your best and make us all proud. Good luck with your new form.
  3. Mrs. DC Knives

    Forum Available To New Makers

    Thank you Steve for handling this give away for me. Your wording was right on. Many thanks to all entries and the best of luck to all. I know Dave would have wanted to help someone. Many thanks again Steve. Linda
  4. Mrs. DC Knives

    2011 Leatherwork of Distinction

    I don't know what to say...THANK YOU just doesn't seem to say enough for the new award in Dave's memory. For those entered, I wish you the best of luck. I know Dave is looking down and wishing everybody the best of luck. I would like to see pictures of the awards won. Thank you once again for...
  5. Mrs. DC Knives

    White rig done

    Beautiful work as usual Terry. Dave would be proud to have his knife on such a beautiful rig. :biggrin:
  6. Mrs. DC Knives

    Dave Cole knife and Sheath.

    Beautiful work, as usual, Terry. I know Dave has a huge smile on his face with that rig.
  7. Mrs. DC Knives

    Dave Cole Passed away.

    I want to thank each and every one of you for the kind words and your prayers. Here is a link to Dave's obit for those who might want to sign the guest book. Thank you once again. Linda Cole
  8. Mrs. DC Knives

    Please send some thoughts and prayers

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Dave is finally home. He is still on oxygen and will be until the lungs heal. He still has a long road ahead of him but he has the support here at the house and better food than the hospital. Thanks for all of the support he has had here. Linda aka Mrs...
  9. Mrs. DC Knives

    Hello from central Florida

    Welcome from the Space Coast. Glad to see you here. hi there 1
  10. Mrs. DC Knives


    Glad to see you here. Hope you enjoy it here. hi there 1
  11. Mrs. DC Knives

    Bowie Collaboration

    Both did a fantastic job. 2thumbs The pictures do not do the knife and sheath justice.
  12. Mrs. DC Knives

    Hello all

    Welcome Bobby. Glad to see you here. hi there 1
  13. Mrs. DC Knives

    New member from Central Florida

    Welcome to the pack. hi there 1 Glad to see you here.
  14. Mrs. DC Knives

    5th Knife. Silver wire inlay

    Great work as usual Josh. That is one beautiful knife. I know anyone would be proud to own that knife. 2thumbs Proud of you son. :D
  15. Mrs. DC Knives

    Just another antique!

    Hi Sandy and welcome. Glad to see you with us. 2thumbs
  16. Mrs. DC Knives

    My latest sheath

    That sheath is great!!!! 2thumbs I have seen it in person and the person making the sheath is great as well. Josh has an ability most have never seen. For his age he can kick a$$ with his drawings and his design ability. Josh is an up and comer and will have his name on everybody's...
  17. Mrs. DC Knives

    New guy from Florida

    Welcome from another Floridian. Have fun here.
  18. Mrs. DC Knives

    New guy incoming!

    Welcome to the group Paul. Glad to have you here. :D
  19. Mrs. DC Knives

    Hi Ya'll

    Hi John. Welcome! 2thumbs
  20. Mrs. DC Knives

    New to this forum

    Thanks for the welcome. Glad to be here. :)