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  1. LizParkerKnives

    Wood for knife handles

    I use unstabilised oak for many of my handles, but I make very sure I'm taking from the heartwood, not the sapwood. I also keep the handle blanks in the driest place possible to ensure all the seasoning is complete. I had a problem last year where I found some had still shrunk further after...
  2. LizParkerKnives

    Hello from Wales

    I joined the forum a few weeks ago but somehow failed to spot the intros page. Very sorry - correcting that error now! A bit about me. I early-retired a year ago from London and came to West Wales, back to where I was raised. Always loved woodwork, metalwork, art and technical stuff, and got to...
  3. LizParkerKnives

    Future of Knifecraft

    Hi. New member here. Yes I think we are having to compete with some very good factory knives. One of the problems is that much of this is sold as 'handmade', when, judging by the quantities and appearance, it likely isn't. I've seen 'hand forged' blade blanks that were clearly stamped out in a...
  4. LizParkerKnives

    Hamon Tutorial -LOTS of pics

    This is a good tutorial. I'm very grateful. I followed Stephan's instructions and achieved a very good visible hamon using 26c3 steel.