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    11" Chief Knife 52100 Heat Treat Question

    Greetings, I just ground out 4 x 11" long, Blade is 7" by 3.25" wide kitchen cleavers. I am using 52100. Should I edge quench or fully harden the entire blade? Thanks for your replies... Dennis Paish
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    Bark River Knives Ice In pictures

    Greetings, How do I type this.... This place would not pass an Occupational and Health safety inspection in Canada. Dennis
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    "Nugget Bowie" (photo heavy)

    WOW. That's all ... Dennis
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    Stabilizing Wood - Setting up and testing - Cactus Juice and Ultraseal

    Tracey, I agree with Jim and please take precaution as this can go wrong real fast QUICKLY. Please hydro test your vessel before using it. I recommend 2x your operation pressure to ensure safety. If that welder is a Hobart 175 (which is what I own too) I am not sure it will provide the...
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    which etcher works well ?

    I found a Lectroetch model V on Ebay some years back and can not say enough about it. I've been in electronics 20 years and the Etching power unit really is a very simple design. This unit is rated at 10 amps with an alternating circuit which pulsates the current. It does an etch very fast...
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    Stabilizing Wood - Setting up and testing - Cactus Juice and Ultraseal

    Tracy, If your wood is dry (6 to 8 percent), using 99% Isoproply alcohol; 1) Draw under vacuum for 3 days.... Keep drawing air every 4 hours until it holds the maximum vacuum you can get with your pump. 2) Pressure the vessel 125 psi for 4 days. Keep pressure at maximum until it hold pressure...
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    Greetings. I do not post often... But in this case I will. The Tormek does an excellent job on 90% of the blades I sharpen. And does a GREAT job doing so. However, It does not do re-curves well. In the beginning (as the story unfolds), I witnessed a knife maker free hand sharpen a blade...
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    how to tell vegetable tanned from chrome salt tanned leather

    Thanks Chuck for your reply to my post! I did the burn test and it looks to me that it is Veg tanned Leather. Just completely different then what I've used to data. Thank goodness, I would of been upset to discard that much leather. I usally get all my leather at Tandy when it is on sale...
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    how to tell vegetable tanned from chrome salt tanned leather

    I purchased 4 double shoulders on sales and had them stored in a dark dry place 6 months ago. I started using it yesterday and the leather seemed very soft and 'floppy'. I had no idea that there was a difference. GREAT POST! To bad in the morning I am going to find out I have 4 8/9 oz double...
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    Swivel Arm From USA Knifemaker

    Please post pictures and comments regarding the Swivel Arm From USA Just gathering all the parts required for a 3 wheel design grinder. Regards, Dennis
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    Gauges and other accessories for milling machine

    Greetings, I use this system. Excellent quality and easy tool changes. Dennis
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    I never buff any knife unless screwed to a 2" x2" board. I think it just is not worth it!! If it requires buffing again, it becomes a satin finished knife. Dennis
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    Machined My Own Leather Stamp

    DLBrothers, Please send to dennis.paish at Thanks, Dennis
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    Machined My Own Leather Stamp

    Bruce, Email to follow... Thanks, Dennis
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    Machined My Own Leather Stamp

    Thanks everyone for your comments, feedback and orders. The support is amazing! I wanted to post an introductory offer for leather stamps. Simple Aluminum 3 line oval leather stamp (L = 1.22", W = 0.98", H = 3") for $75.00 cnd. Payments via PayPal is the easiest. If you have art work or...
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    Machined My Own Leather Stamp

    Greetings, I posted this thread on another forum and had many request to make them for others. Please comment on the stamp I made on my cnc mill. Dennis Note: I will upgrade my membership if I get many requests. I have no idea on pricing.
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    Tracy, I am a knife maker close to Calgary and want to list some stabilized wood scales every...

    Tracy, I am a knife maker close to Calgary and want to list some stabilized wood scales every couple weeks. I am not to interested in selling knives online, as I already have a waiting list. What membership do I require, how much, and how do I pay? Dennis
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    Stabilizing setup ?

    Greetings, Ultraseal ??? Anyone tried this product yet? Any feedback would be appreciated. Dennis
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    Paper Wheel

    Greetings, I use the Tormek T-7 then follow-up with the paper wheel. All angles are consistent, very little metal removed, no over heating, and best of all .... SHARP! There is a lot of info on this website... Dennis