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  1. wallaceedgedtools

    name change update

    I was hoping to have my username changed to wallaceedgedtools. Also I can't seem to get my new avatar uploaded. Any ideas/ suggestions ? Thanks
  2. wallaceedgedtools

    CPM 3V acid etching

    Thank you so much for the information. That blade is EPIC !! Beautiful work !!
  3. wallaceedgedtools

    CPM 3V acid etching

    What is the best type of acid to acid etch CPM3V ? I tried battery acid (overnight 8+ hrs ) and it looked great but has worn off rather easily. Thanks !!
  4. wallaceedgedtools

    WTB 5/16" black/toxic G-10

    Looking for a 5/16" or thicker piece of G-10 6" x 5" or 12" x 2.5". These are minimum sizes and can be bigger. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  5. wallaceedgedtools

    A2 Wakizashi Build along

    Hi Ben, I've been a fan of your work for a while. This one is probably my favorite. Well executed.
  6. wallaceedgedtools

    "Go Mai" Camp Chopper WIP

    That is outstanding !! Please post some pics. when its finished. The etching looks awesome !! Also greetings from your neighbor 50 miles NW of the 'Burgh
  7. wallaceedgedtools

    A cleaver and two tomahawks

    That's what I was going for. I'm ready to butcher a deer, make a shelter, and split some wood, all with that big ol' cleaver.
  8. wallaceedgedtools

    A cleaver and two tomahawks

    After looking at your website and seeing your offerings, I'll take that as a huge compliment !! I sometimes get sidetracked from my main lineup and want to try a different design. Most often I'm a starter of many finisher of few.
  9. wallaceedgedtools

    WTB Richard Batson Ranger Knife.

    As the title reads: I'm looking for a Richard Batson Ranger Knife or his dagger style knife. Cash or trade.
  10. wallaceedgedtools

    Carcass splitter

    That is just awesome. You do beautiful work. I'm not the greatest cutter but I can help myself I love choppers !!
  11. wallaceedgedtools

    Stress and faith

    My family ( wife, daughter and I) closed on our first home today. It is exciting but a stressful process. We didn't have a buyer for our house, then a man came looked at and said he'd take it. I tried to contact him and he never got back to us. Worry and stress were setting in... It's only a...
  12. wallaceedgedtools

    My friend has Ebola

    I heard on Klove this morning that he was being released. GOD blesses his faithful servants. Continued prayer for him and his family. He is a living miracle and testament to GODS limitless power.
  13. wallaceedgedtools

    TAG 101 grinder or TW 90 grinder

    I've been trying to contact Beaumont for a week now and no one answers the phone and no answering machine. I'll keep trying I haven't ruled them out yet.
  14. wallaceedgedtools

    TAG 101 grinder or TW 90 grinder

    Well Rhino, I put 36, 60, and 80 grits belts on ( one of each) I swapped out the 320 that was on and started with the 36 grit. All tracked perfectly with no adjustment to the tracking needed. I didn't get much time yesterday and today and spare time is nonexistent. My family and I closed on a...
  15. wallaceedgedtools

    A cleaver and two tomahawks

    Thank you GHEzell and Rhinoknives. The cleaver is my first and while I also like the looks, the handle isn't quite right. It needs refined , and is going through a bit of a design change.
  16. wallaceedgedtools


    Thank you Stormcrow and rmbonham. Stormcrow I've checked out your work before here and other forums. I'm a fan of your choppers !! Beautiful craftsmanship !!
  17. wallaceedgedtools

    Information on Richard Batson Knives

    Thanks GHEzell. I found the knifeforums pages and a few others, but not the Oregon Knife Collectors newsletter. Great story. I hope someday to be lucky enough to acquire on of his knives. I will probably try and emulate his design and make one for myself, but it's not the same as an original.
  18. wallaceedgedtools

    Information on Richard Batson Knives

    Hi all, I'm looking for any info about Richard Batson. He was a great inspiration when I was younger. I called him (probably 20+ years ago) and asked him about his knives. He was very pleasant and spoke to me for a while answering all my questions politely even though they were coming from and...
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    Here is my take on a wakizashi. S-7 with OD Green G-10, Titanium Cera-Cote, and leather scabbard. My first try at a wakizashi.
  20. wallaceedgedtools

    A cleaver and two tomahawks

    These are some I've made over the last year or two. The cleaver is 5160 with a full flat grind and tapered tang. The green hawk is S-7 with tapered tang and OD green gun-cote. The black hawk is S-7 with DLC and G-10 handle.