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  1. Don Robinson

    Torx screws

    Anywhere that sells screwdrivers.
  2. Don Robinson

    Slipjoint long pull question

    That's the best way.:)
  3. Don Robinson

    Another 5 blade stockman

    And believe me, he can do it too!
  4. Don Robinson

    Another 5 blade stockman

    o_O:DCraig, that is truly amazing and beautiful workmanship!! 3 blades is all I could ever manage.
  5. Don Robinson

    New to Folders - Slip Joint Template Resource

    Thanks, guys, for the good references. I really enjoyed reading this and especially seeing references from my great old friends. :D
  6. Don Robinson

    Another linerlock

  7. Don Robinson

    Greetings from the PNW

    Welcome from the stt.
  8. Don Robinson

    Swayback jack

  9. Don Robinson

    Another "One Day...," w/ New Pic

    Thanks for the memories, Guys....:D
  10. Don Robinson

    Another "One Day...," w/ New Pic

    You trying to make me cry?
  11. Don Robinson

    Another "One Day...," w/ New Pic

  12. Don Robinson

    2019 Slippies

    I had forgotten that! Thanks.
  13. Don Robinson

    Damascus & checkered ironwood folder

    Gorgeousness personified! o_O
  14. Don Robinson

    Finally finished one.

    You got it, Bill! I used CAD to design my first flipper just like that. :D
  15. Don Robinson

    Buck 110 Project

    My first hand made folder was a copy of a Buck 110. I still have both. Thanks for the reminder. You can probably guess how long ago that was. :rolleyes:
  16. Don Robinson

    2019 Slippies

    What's the purpose of the blade with the notch at the point?
  17. Don Robinson

    2019 Slippies

    Made my day! Thanks!
  18. Don Robinson

    First finished knife.

    Can't be beat!! :D
  19. Don Robinson

    Somone may like this.

    I had forgotten all about these. I had one 40 or 50 years ago.:rolleyes: