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    bac, sorry for the late reply. Haven’t been on here much. I’m trying to downsize so there isn’t...

    bac, sorry for the late reply. Haven’t been on here much. I’m trying to downsize so there isn’t much to trade for. I would take $1500 for the grinder cash sale. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks, Wayne
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    KMG-10 Grinder for sale - SOLD

    Yes the grinder is still available. I apologize for the late reply. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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    KMG-10 Grinder for sale - SOLD

    For sale is a Beaumont Metal Works KMG-10 variable speed belt grinder for $2000.00 cash. This grinder has been used to grind less than 5 knives total. It is in like-new condition. The base plate and chassis have been painted flat black for protection. Included: Grinder chassis Base plate 10...
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    The Strauss Pirate 36 caliber

    Hot @#$^%! Another installment of my favorite thing to watch! Thanks Mr. B for including us! Wayne
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    Prices paid for wrought?

    I'm wondering what would be considered a good price for wagon wheel rims. What do you guys pay for something like this, assuming you ever find them for sale? Thanks! Wayne
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    acid coloring maple

    Aqua Fortis is available through Track of the Wolf, a company that sells muzzleloader kits and supplies. Google the name and you should find their site. From what I've read, nitric acid can be pretty dangerous stuff -- buying the mix from Track is the safest route. Good luck Wayne
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    Grind Ins & Shop Tours

    Actually, the show is in Wellford at the Mid-City Shrine Club on Fort Prince Boulevard (highway 129) exit 68 on I85. *You go north on 129 and look for the signs on the left. *May 7 and 8. *The Palmetto Cutlery Club puts the show on each year. * This is a...
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    Grind Ins & Shop Tours

    Hey, Rock. I'm in South Carolina too. Not too far from you in Simpsonville. I'm a relatively new maker, although I've been studying this obsession for a good while. I've been lurking on this site since it's beginning but I just joined a few minutes ago. I like your idea about meeting other...