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    Shop Weirdness stories; gremlins, ghouls, and plane strangeness

    Oh, I have ghosties alright. Nothing is ever where I thought I set it down.
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    Bad wrought iron?

    Rex, Cherry red is not hot enough for wrought iron. Take it up to bright yellow, and give it another go. Bob
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    Motor horsepower?

    Timy, instead of 2hp I would make the leap to 3hp. Even though a 2hp is better than a 1hp it still isn't saying much. Last weekend I made the switch form 2hp to 3. I can still stop it, but I have to really try. During normal blade grinding it doesn't slow down one bit. Just something to think...
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    Which Buffing Wheel?

    Since this has sat here a few days I'll take a stab. On the blade, nothing, I don't use a buffing wheel on my blades, and don't much care for blades that have been buffed. It is just too easy to buff out nice sharp grind lines. For handles, when I do buff, I just use a sewn (spiral or...
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    Anyone Doing C.A.D. Drawings??

    Easiest is just drag and drop. pdf, jpg, bmp, giff. When you drop it, look at the command line at the bottom of the screen. It will ask where you want to place it (0,0 is a good spot) hit enter. Then it will ask if you want to rotate it it. If you just hit enter it will default to how it was...
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    Anyone Doing C.A.D. Drawings??

    Duncan said "they do the nesting as they dont know what shape steel they will use till they pull it out they keep stock so i dont have to buy a whole sheet" Good Point. And your drawing is spot on. That's what they like to see. Bob
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    Anyone Doing C.A.D. Drawings??

    Any program that can export dxf should work. Not to pick on Mike, or Duncan's drawings, but do NOT send a drawing like that to your cutter. No details like handles, bolsters, or grind lines. No little accidental pieces of lines, or arcs, or any other goemetry. Only the outline, and holes that...
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    Anyone Doing C.A.D. Drawings??

    Mike, How do you have them drawn now? Can you email them? Are these for outsourcing your Blanks (waterjet, plazma, laser)? I can draw them in AutoCAD for you, and send you the files in . dwg, or .dxf, or whatever your supplier needs. It only takes a few minutes. Bob
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    Is Parks 50 too fast for 1080/1085 steel

    Okay, I've gone back and re-read this post about a dozen times, and I guess I'll try 1084 & 5160 in Parks 50 since I have both laying around. For these two steels is there a favorite tempurature for the quench? Room temp. seems a little vague. I like a little more control for consistancy. Parks...
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    JS test knives

    Scott received his Journyman Stamp in San Antonio last month. His knives looked great.
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    Who is going out and start the new year forging?

    Me, Though I'll let the neighbors wake up first.
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    Spec Sheet for T18?

    Rob, Now I'm going to stick my nose in your business. Don't do it! Send it back. Your name may not be on it, but when it fails you don't need the grief. Customer: "Well, I had Rob heat treat it, and it snapped like glass". Down the chain: "Oh, is that so?". The particulars are always forgot...
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    Spec Sheet for T18?

    Okay, Rob, I'll take a shot. Are you sure you didn't miss the 5, and hit the 8? :-) I've heard of t-15, but not t-18, so I did a search on it, probably like you did, and couldn't come up with any thing at all on it. Sorry, that's all I got. T-15 is pretty tuff stuff. Bob
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    UTAH Knife Show - Anyone Interested In A UTAH Knife Show

    March 23-25, 2012 Salt Lake City, UT Salt Lake City Knife Show The South Towne Expo Center 208.447.7000
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    Wrought Iron

    here is another source. This is really nice wrought.
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    Feathering adhesive alternative?

    Spray works fine. 3M 77 works too well. Find some cheap stuff. Spray it on and let it sit a few minutes before applying to disc. There must be some sort of feathering adhesive over there. What are all the auto body shops using? Have they all gone over to hook & loop?
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    52100 processing

    The thermal cycling I did in the forge. Tempering in the kitchen oven. The edge flexed beautifully over a brass rod. I hope someone elese jumps in here. Bob
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    52100 processing

    Don, I'll take a stab, before some one who really knows jumps in. 1625°. To tell if you are close the scale flakes on your anvil should be very small to dust. Keep a pail of quench at your forge to quench the tip so it doesn't overheat while the rest of the blade catches up. Your kitchen oven...
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    Belt question

    Doug, Here is a link to tru grit Klingspor section that shows a pretty good selection of 4" x 36" belts.
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    RR Spike

    Ernie, Look for the Spikes with the HC (high carbon) mark on their head. These run about .03 -.04 carbon, and with superquench will suprise you with their cutting ability. From what I've read .04 carbon content is the upper limit of superquench. Here's a link to my superquench test with a rr...