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  1. backtines

    What are the best grinders that a man who wants to one day be a pro buy

    TW -90 !! Great machine , I love it !
  2. backtines


    Amazing work!
  3. backtines

    Bend in the middle, lock in the back

    Really nice. I want it !
  4. backtines

    Drawn To The Bone, Episode One!!

    Hey guys! Last year I posted a thread about my son making a knife for a special friend of his. As previously stated, my son was in the process of filming his own hunting show called "Drawn To The Bone." The first episode is now complete! It is a dream of his to have his own hunting show. He has...
  5. backtines

    spammer going to priovate messages

    I just got an email that smiley tried to private message me but my inbox was filled. I cleared out all my messages and then jump on the forum to find out smiley was a bad guy, and he's jumping unto the private message board. Uh oh.
  6. backtines

    Keep me in your thoughts and prayers

    Keep your head in the there bro. I have faith and I know you do too. I'll be thinking of ya and seeing you back here sooner then you think. Stay well.
  7. backtines

    Hybrid fighter in 3V

  8. backtines

    Thank you.

    Calvin you are blessed and awesome in many ways. Knife making is only one of your great qualities. I'd One day love to be a fly on the wall in your shop one day. Congrats !
  9. backtines

    New Guy, Old blood.

    Welcome and a great big thank you to you sir !
  10. backtines

    A little dffernt for me

    Thanks guys , the customer really liked it .
  11. backtines

    Damascus and a little recurve

    Great looking knife Mike. Really nice job !
  12. backtines

    Twin babies

    Work of Art cal. So awesome! Those are my favorite style Beauties !
  13. backtines

    A little dffernt for me

    I tried something a little different this time . The shape of this knife looks and is a lot different from the knives I'm used to making , but boy does it feel great in the hand . I've looked at so many knives like most all of you do and I just took a few ideas and just went with it. The truth...
  14. backtines

    When to Start Selling

    I Started out making knives and still do for the fun of it. At first the knives were really raw and as I got better at it I made a total of 10 knives for for a few of my very close friends and their sons who hunt . They startted to show off the knives to their friends and my first break was to...
  15. backtines

    All good until....

    lol !!!
  16. backtines

    All good until....

    I think your right Cal. I usually drill undersize and run a 1/8 ream through the holes . What size bit would you recommend for this job?
  17. backtines

    All good until....

    I REALIZED THE SCALES WERE CRACKED !!! I usually use 1/4 stainless for my bolsters . In this case I used some 1/8 material. I had purchased this stainless to use for a folder that I'll get to finishing some day. I thought it would be nice to make a knife a little more sleeker up front.. What...
  18. backtines

    First attempt at trying to make a slip joint

    I see it bruce thanks. Now I need a little more gittyup to finish it.
  19. backtines

    New Shop!

    Looks nice ,clean and well organized. Curious what's the dimensions ?
  20. backtines

    Laminated hunter

    Wow!i love everything about this knife . Beautiful !