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  1. johnny warner

    Meteorite damascus hunter with green mammoth ivory

    Very nice! I am curious as how the bolsters were attached to the blade? Too beautiful of a knife to use, but I would any way!
  2. johnny warner

    On Of My Knives Was ON American Guns

    I watched the program as well. Those firearms were well over priced. I work in the firearms industry and simply amazed at the prices received for the worked perform for their clients by these and other reality programs. Nice plug for you and I hope it helps in promoting your passion and income. JW
  3. johnny warner

    Tracking Advice Needed

    Is belt switching from side to side on the rubber wheel or the platen?
  4. johnny warner

    Bow in custom blade, "acceptable"?

    I agree with the others, "unacceptable"! To remedy the bow is a a relative quick and easy fix. I am surprised the maker let this one get out of his shop! To say the bow is completely normal is bull! I do not know of anyone that would allow a knife escape his hands in that condition. I...
  5. johnny warner

    I Think I've figured out this Etching thing

    Ed, which electrolyte are you using. I have used Marking Methods for 20+ years and I gave a bottle to Dan Graves and this all he uses and very happy with his etched logo! Hope this helps!
  6. johnny warner

    My new Stainless Damascus Hunting Knife

    Good looking knife, the front bottom pin looks awful close on the wooden handle?
  7. johnny warner

    4 way W's and Amber stag

    Bing, very nice package. Blade and stag are knock outs, while the entire knife is a grand slam, congrats!
  8. johnny warner

    Gents Bowie

    Nice work, I like it and the photo layout adds a special touch, thanks for sharing.
  9. johnny warner

    Mia has another important MRI in the morning

    Prayers and good thoughts sent upstairs for lovely little Mia with hopes her ordeal is behind her!
  10. johnny warner

    Prayers for Joplin Missouri

    Prayers and hope sent to you and yours! God bless and restore all the victims, property devastation and healing to all affected.
  11. johnny warner

    Another New Texican

    Paps, welcome to the Dawg Pound! Thanks for posting the photos, nice clean and beautiful workmanship. The knives posted are some of the most functional designs with striking beauty as well.
  12. johnny warner

    Prayers for my Mom

    Bruce, prayers sent to your Mom for a fast and complete recovery!
  13. johnny warner

    Grandpa's Old knife.

    Nice knife, the aluminum pommel was initially used, during the WWII era they used bakelite as aluminum was a precious commodity used for the war effort. I have one with the bakelite pommel and I with the stag handle and 52100 is the steel of choice they used. Thanks for showing and posting the...
  14. johnny warner

    Two for one look-see..

    David, nice work. I sent you an email.
  15. johnny warner

    Give-Away! Stacked leather washer set

    I am in and thanks for the offer.
  16. johnny warner

    A very sad day.

    Fred, I am sending prayers and thoughts for your family's loss of a little loved one. I know what the loss of a baby feels like. The only comfort I may offer is time is the healing process. God bless all!
  17. johnny warner

    big Stag Bowie

    Nice, very nice Dan! I can say that is one of favorite knives I have seen in some time.
  18. johnny warner

    It sure is nice using a good knife for this job.

    Nice job and you are correct about using a quality knife. I hollow grind on a 14" wheel too!
  19. johnny warner

    ENDS DEC. 22 @ 8pm 3,500 Post GAW - Carpenter's CTS-XHP

    I am in again and wish all the dogs here a very merry christmas and safe holidays.