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  1. DonL

    Heat Treat and Tempering 52100 for Springs

    I've got some of Aldo's 3/32" 52100 that I plan on using for slipjoints. My question is, what temp/color do you temper the springs? I'm assuming your heat treat the springs the same as your would the blades and then just temper them back. I haven't tried yet, but I was thinking dark...
  2. DonL

    Storing Parks 50 Question

    I transferred my P50 to a steel 5 gallon bucket with a steel lid. I quench in this also. When I'm done, I just put the lid back on until I HT again.
  3. DonL

    Is anyone organizing a KITH for this year?

    I enjoyed them as well. Missed last years.
  4. DonL


    I'm curious also Mark as to exactly what you mean. I "think" I know, but a pic would be helpful. I've got several guarded knives in various stages of completion, but haven't finished my first one yet. This could help me understand a buyers pespective.
  5. DonL

    Hidden Tang Question

    I'm wanting to use a threaded tang on a stacked leather handle and in the future on hidden tang knives. I don't have a welder to weld a bolt onto the tang. What other alternatives do I have? Thought about trying to grind/file the tang down small enough to run a die over, but figured that...
  6. DonL

    Busy Day yesterday - 8 Sheaths

    Wow, you're a Beast!
  7. DonL

    Strike Hold

    I've used it mostly on damascus. I bought some of Alabama Damascus because it's one that was recommended. Turns out, a lot of tactical guys like it on their guns.
  8. DonL

    1084 ht

    How many do you have? Have you looked at Peters heat treat?
  9. DonL

    Pattern making- layout tips Post yours here

    What few patterns I have are cut out of file folders. I then put them on the bar of steel covered with Dykem and trace it out with a scribe. Not worried about how crude it is. I've never made two of the same knives even when using these templates. They're really just a guideline to get started.
  10. DonL

    How To Tell the Difference between...

    How can you tell the difference between a CPM 154 blank and a high carbon blank? It appears that some of mine have mingled and it's been way too long to remember which is which! The one in question has some very minute surface rust on it...just a tad. But it came right off with a rub of my...
  11. DonL

    Thoughts on the Nov. 9th Wannemacher Gun Show

    Spent most of the day at the Biggest Gun show in the World. Still a bargain at $10 to gain entry. Was a little disappointed though. In the past, I've had the honor of meeting some great Custom Makers. But this time, I could only find maybe 5 or 6. Saw Mike Miller which is always a pleasure. He...
  12. DonL

    First Two Sheaths...

    Still lovin' your sheath work Steve! How do you punch your holes so they come out even on the back side? I see a Sheath WIP in your
  13. DonL

    Spalted Box Elder Burl and O1... #10

    Nice work Steve. Glad to see your work coming along!
  14. DonL

    Just ordered a new Mill

    That should do it! Love the shop pics! Is that a converted carport/steel building? I was thinking about doing something similar.
  15. DonL

    2013 Knife Making Progress

    Those are some nice sheaths Steve, especially for your first attempts! I also discovered that I liked leather work nearly as much as making knives! It can be just as rewarding and just as frustrating! :)
  16. DonL

    Official Summer 2013 KnifeDogs Knife in the Hat Thread

    You're welcome Dick. I'm glad you liked it. Hope you get a lot of use out of it!
  17. DonL

    Makers Mark

    I'd highly recommend talking to Patricia at IMG Electromark. It's where Tracey gets the stencils he sells at USAK. I've been working with her on a new MM and she couldn't be any more helpful if she tried. IMG stencils are durable and thicker than those from some other companies that I've used...
  18. DonL

    Official Summer 2013 KnifeDogs Knife in the Hat Thread

    Thanks for the info Scott. This is as handy as a pocket on a shirt!
  19. DonL

    Official Summer 2013 KnifeDogs Knife in the Hat Thread

    Had to put Scott's knife and board to work on the makings for one of my infamous egg, cheese and homemade mater sammiches! This is a very handy combo. Scott, I could see this being a great gift set! I just whipped it out of the drawer, cut up the maters and washed and dried the board and back...
  20. DonL

    People who blatantly and fraudulently sell knives as hand made when they are blanks..

    I would call them 'Custom' knives since he selects the handles and can personalize them. I do have a problem with him passing them off as "handmade" but then again, who's defining 'handmade'? I'm sure they are handmade by someone?!? This is the way I'd handle it.