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  1. dswait

    1084 Hunter Skinner w/Ebony handle

    Very nice looking knife! I like the bolster dovetail you did there.
  2. dswait

    History Channel....Forged in Fire

    I enjoy the show and find it interesting to watch. I don't think the time constraints are too unreasonable, as I'm sure any master blade smith could forge out a completely functional knife with handle & guard within 6 hours without any sweat. I attended the intro to blade smithing class last...
  3. dswait

    Heat Treating 1084

    You want to start with a slightly lower temper the first go around, then check the edge with a sharp new file. If it still skates across the edge because it's still too hard, then you want to increase the temperature a little more to temper the edge back some more to get a little more soft. If...
  4. dswait

    Knife No. 25 - Paring Chopper (My first knife stand)

    Commissioned from me by a coworker for him mom's birthday. Made from 1095 and purple heart for the handle and stand. I forgot to measure this one, but I believe it would be between 4 and 5" of blade length. My first attempt at a knife stand.
  5. dswait

    Is anyone organizing a KITH for this year?

    I was wondering if there would be one this year as well.
  6. dswait

    Little Bowie

    Both very beautiful knife and sheath. Very nice.
  7. dswait

    First Time Chuck Burrows' Style Sheath...

    I saw this while it was wip. The finished product looks even more amazing, that's one heck of a sheath George. Very nice.
  8. dswait

    An absolute shameful act

    I have cracked knife handle material twice before while Peening. Now I use corby screws with lock tite and this method seems easier and safer. In the end all you can do is grind away the material and start over to recover.
  9. dswait

    Knife No. 23 - Sunflower

    Another one I made from a file. This one was a test to see how quickly I could make a blade from start to finish. Took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to forge, grind, heat treat with torch, clean, temper with torch, clean, stamp mark, and sharpen. Then later the same day attached handle made out of...
  10. dswait

    Knife No. 22 - Sparrow - (First Swedge)

    I normalized it twice first, then heated the whole thing to critical and quench into peanut oil. Temper in the oven at 450 degrees for two 1.5 hour cycle. Air cool in between. I was doing 400 degrees 1 hour cycles, but after testing a file knife, found it to be more on the brittle side...
  11. dswait

    One-Image WIP -- The Kydex Rivet Press

    I have an arbor press laying around I might do this to. Thanks for the WIP, very nice.
  12. dswait

    Damascus Camp Knife

    Very Beautiful knife! I like it.
  13. dswait

    Knife No. 22 - Sparrow - (First Swedge)

    Forged this one from a very large file I found at an antique show. This is my first attempt at a swedge. Used black palm for the handle with a lanyard. Blade has a 12" edge with a 5" handle, making it 17" OAL. Mirror polished. I call this one Sparrow because its very long, narrow, and pointy.
  14. dswait

    Knife No. 21

    This one I forged from a file I found at an antique show. It's about a 4.5" blade with a 4" handle, handle material is black and white ebony. This wood was very easy to sand to my surprise and feels like the smoothest I've done so far. Feels really great in the hand. Standard leather sheath to...
  15. dswait

    Knife No. 19 - Purple Veggie Eater

    All wood has some level of toxicity I suppose, but the danger lies when working the wood to the maker and inhaling the saw dust. This handle and sheath has been sealed with several thick coats of varnish and therefore shouldn't pose any risk to the user or food. As a finished product I believe...
  16. dswait

    Knife No. 20 - Blue Night Forest

    This knife I did during a 30 minute forging demo a few months ago for a group of coworkers. Forged from 1095 and is my first attempt at bluing a knife. 4.5" blade and 7.5" OAL. Handle material is marble wood I think.
  17. dswait

    Knife No. 19 - Purple Veggie Eater

    Commissioned from a coworker, she wanted a small paring knife to cut vegetables and loves purple heart wood, hence the name I'm giving it, "Purple Veggie Eater". Made from 1095 about 4" blade length (yes there is a hamon), handle material is purple heart wood and this is my first wooden sheath...
  18. dswait

    Knife No. 18 - Coconut Fighter

    Another one I started on about a year and a half ago. My aunt's birthday was coming up and she had said she wished she had something to cut open coconuts with. Luckily I had this laying around and finished it the night before her bday. Unfortunately, these are the only two pictures I have of it...
  19. dswait

    Knife No. 17 - Crescent Moon

    Originally this was going to be a test performance knife, but I decided to try something different and now I'm keeping it. I used a ball ping hammer to give it a textured look and I like it. It also caused it to curve which I also liked and decided to keep it this way instead of straightening it...
  20. dswait

    Knife No. 16 - Ancient Flame Demon

    This is one I had started on over a year ago (maybe 2). Was originally going to be a chef knife, but it ended up cracking near the edge during heat treat. To recover it, I annealed, re-straightened and removed the hair-line crack by adding a curve to the edge. I simply decided to go with it by...