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  1. Diego_B

    8" Western Gyuto with 3-1/2" Paring

    I have here a matching set of a 3-1/2" paring knife along with its big brother a 8" Western Gyuto style blade. Looking to let these both go at the same time so no parting. Both blades have a mirror finish on the spines and the spines are also rounded for comfort, blade edges are ground to near...
  2. Diego_B

    Forged Padauk Hunter

    Hello everyone, I have a small Padauk wood hunter forged by me. Heatreated and file tested to ~60HRC. The Padauk is treated like I do most of my woods with grain by applying coats of Tru-Oil and toping it off with Carnauba wax. Knife has no sheath for it but it does come in the wooden knife box...