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    Couple Of New Knives

    Hi, I like the look of the copper pins with the burl. I never thought of using that combination. I may have to try that with dark walnut. Later
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    what to buy when setting up a new shop

    Hi I own a couple of 1x30 inch belt sanders, both with a 5 inch disc sander attached. One is a 30 year old Craftsman, the other from Harbor Freight. I do a little work attaching scales to Green River blades and they're fine for that. I understand that this is a completely under powered setup...
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    First Attempt at hollow grind.

    Hi Love the knife, but not sure I like the Sheath or not. I'm making more old West stuff, so that would be a reason on the sheath. Does it work out wearing it both Horizontal and Vertical? I REALLY like the blade shape on that one. Later
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    Aquafortis, hard maple, G10 liners and best application procedure

    Hi If you're making an older style knife, it would be reasonably authentic for it to be stained with the maple. If you get the aquafortis on the metal it will turn it black. I'm making a set of Russell Green River blades for my son, as steak knives. The aquafortis colors the blades the same...
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    Question about walnut handle

    Hi Pure Tung Oil isn't a great finishing product. I used it on 1911 grips and it made the wood look like plastic that deteriorated in the sun. I've used Tung Oil FINISH (has varnish in it) on 10-20 knives and they've held us very well. I put on several coats of linseed oil on the scales...
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    My first knife

    Hi Good work, the knife has a great shape. I agree with Doug. Use the heck out of it. What did you use to heat treat? I'd like to make some coffin handled Bowie knives in the distant future and don't intend to buy a nice big oven from Jantz for the first 4-5. (even though they ARE 50 miles...
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    Bad Dog

    Hi I really like the design on the sheath. Looks like a basket weave from a distance, but isn't. Later
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    "blackening" stainless - any recipies?

    Thanks, I wasn't actually TRYING to be a SmIart@$$. I've made and use quite a few Russel Green River kitchen knives and you have to keep them oiled or they get a bit of service rust. Thanks again.
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    "blackening" stainless - any recipies?

    Hi O.K., I'm only a hobby knife maker, don't have a forge and haven't made a knife by stock removal either. I have blackened an arm load of Green River knives and high carbon steel blades. Given the ease of blackening high carbon steel, why do you want to blacken stainless steel? Although...
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    Cutting Mosaic Pins

    Thanks That was my plan. I have puppy paw pins and plan on running them up to the blade or down to the handle. I'll have to Chamber the pins a little to get them in anyway. I'm just trying to avoid screwing one up. Cutting 1/8 inch pins with pliers isn't a big deal, but that would ruin a...
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    Cutting Mosaic Pins

    Thanks I have a Dremel with a cut off wheel, and I thought about getting a finer blade for the hacksaw.
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    Cutting Mosaic Pins

    Hi I bought a couple of feet of Jantz Supply Mosiac pins and need to cut them for a knife. What's' the best way to cut the pins? I've been using a hack saw for the brass and nickle silver pins. Those are $2.00 roughly and the mosiac's are $20 a piece so I'd hate to screw them up. Thanks Mike
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    First knife WIP

    Hi I just joined the forum in January 2016, so I'm behind on your progress. I really like the file jig and will almost certainly and shamefully copy it at some point. It looks like more work, but better control than a belt sander. If you would have shaped your handle and drilled the holes...
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    Sharpening Help?

    Hi I have a 15 year old Lansky set, the stones, not the diamonds. I really like mine. You do have to be careful setting up to sharpen. Later
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    Black Palm durability

    Hi Before I did any real research on Palm wood, I purchased three sets of Black Palm Scales from Jantz to build some BBQ knives for my best friend. I noted that palm is prone to cracking, especially while you're working it. They were a whole $7.95 a piece, and the most expensive blade was...
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    Just a few of the leather sheaths I built.

    Hi This is my first post on the sight. I "know" Chuck from the CAS City forum. I have a question on the second picture, what does the X strap do? Decorative? Does the four snap strap go through there? Thanks Oh, the last picture with the Star is more my style. Mike