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  1. A.Sharpe

    Stress Risers from Perpendicular Grinds and Polish

    The only time I have seen this be a concern is when brine quenching 1095 or W2. I do sand all my blades from tang to tip to at least 220 grit ,before quench. It has reduced stress cracks dureing quench. I couldn't see it as an issue after heat-treat. ( Just a note 99% of my knives are 1095 or...
  2. A.Sharpe

    I'm sure all of you guy's have had to deal with this, How to handle friends and Famil

    This is an age old problem. before becoming a full time maker I was a mechanic, after a 16 hour day the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was work on a car. I find friends more expeting than family. I usually make at least one family member a knife for Christmas each year. When friends...
  3. A.Sharpe

    Mamba Death

    very cool story. Nice blade
  4. A.Sharpe

    Bob Neal

    Sending smoke to Atlanta, Prayers sent.
  5. A.Sharpe

    Les George In Blade Magazine

    Got mine yesterday. Way to go Les.
  6. A.Sharpe

    knife making classes in NC

    Drop me an e-mail at I'll hook you up. Was with the 1st/75th from 74 to 76.
  7. A.Sharpe

    Will not be around

    Get well and get back soon. Sending smoke up the coast.
  8. A.Sharpe

    Knifemaker estate sale

    What I have done was to purchase a life insurance policy. The premiums are paid by the knives sold. My wife knows all my tools go to the NC custom knife makers Guild. She collects the insurance and doesn't have to worry about what to do with my shop.
  9. A.Sharpe

    Knifemaker estate sale

    Small amount sent. Do wish it was more.
  10. A.Sharpe

    Aqua Bowie

    Very nice. I like the look of the copper.
  11. A.Sharpe

    Official KITH knife photo thread

    Just got my knife from Josh Dabney. Josh she's a beauty. The sheath is the perfect complement. Guys the pics don't do justice to this blade. This thing looks like it came from an old west museum. I got a new camp knife!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Yea!!!!!!!! Thank-you very much Josh. Love the stag.
  12. A.Sharpe

    Wrought Iron

    I finish pretty much the same as Burton. Etch with Ferric, scrub with 0000 steel wool soaked in white viniger. After getting the etch I want I clean with windex and apply a coat of reaissance wax.
  13. A.Sharpe

    Prayer Request

    Thoughts, prayers and smoke sent from the south. I do hope all is well. I just spent 6 weeks at home with my wife after her surgery. Its tough taking care of a loved one. Don't forget to take care of yourself also.
  14. A.Sharpe

    Forging vs. grinding

    Bobby, Are you talking about a punch press? Are you planning to punch out the blade blanks from a sheet of metal? Just from what I am reading this is the impression I am getting. If so that is not a forged blade. I think we are talking 2 different methods.
  15. A.Sharpe

    First forged blade

    Look'in Good!!! Hammer Down....
  16. A.Sharpe

    Raining knives at my house

    Vern, Pics we need pics. Great isn't it. I love finding stuff like that.
  17. A.Sharpe

    Our NEW First Blood knife.

    Britt, This has come a long way. Great job.
  18. A.Sharpe

    Prices paid for wrought?

    I think it depends where you live. There isn't allot of WI around here. I try and buy all I can. Besides its your fault Ray. Your knives have been an inspiration in my knife making.
  19. A.Sharpe

    Prices paid for wrought?

    If they are wrought. The ones I have bought on the past were about 1/2" thick by 1.5" wide, I paid $7.00 a foot. I felt that was fair priced.
  20. A.Sharpe

    Official KITH knife photo thread

    Sweet knife Todd.