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  1. Ty Adams

    Nice simple hunter with Koa

    That's a beautiful super dark hamon John.
  2. Ty Adams

    A quick reference for steel selection

    As far as I know Alpha knife supply is the only place you can get 26c3. I might be wrong about that but it's the only place that I found it. The thickest stock they had at the was .156 so thats what I bought. AKS stated that the steel was ready for heat treat without any extra steps, and after...
  3. Ty Adams

    A quick reference for steel selection

    I've used 26c3 in 4 hunting knives. It gets crazy hard right out of the quench and is some what fussy on the temper. It takes a beautiful edge. My only complaint is how bad it warps, those knives warped while grinding, heating, and during tempering. It's way worse than aebl. I was going to knock...
  4. Ty Adams

    Chef Cleaver WIP with question.

    Or your local welding supply store.
  5. Ty Adams

    Bladeshow 2020 Officially Cancelled

    I got the email yesterday at 4:30. This was going to be my first year having a table, and was busting my butt trying to get some knives done. Not going to lie I was a little relieve when they cancelled the show. Atlanta is back at phase 1, and are expeincing a raise in violent crime.
  6. Ty Adams

    Ya know what grinds my gears?

    When you spend countless hours forging, thermo cycling, normalizing, heating treating, and grinding. Only to find a hair line crack in your plunge line.:mad:
  7. Ty Adams

    Heat treatment or geometry, which is more important?

    Sorry Kevin I was typing that while in a hurry, and did not proof read. I was specifically referring to covex edge with a flat grind. There was a good article in the last ABS Journal about that topic. Im going to work it slowly into the knives that I sell. Convex on the edge isn't that hard...
  8. Ty Adams

    Heat treatment or geometry, which is more important?

    Thanks Kevin for the continued education we all receive from your wealth of knowledge. I know you are big fan of convex a edge. I just started playing with the convex edge and have been surprised at how strong it is even when you roll it down to zero. I would be very interested in a write up on...
  9. Ty Adams

    RC hardness for hunting and utility knives.

    Not having ever used 52100, I'll stay away from that question. I am an avid hunter and like a smooth cutter that easily cuts hide and muscle. So on my hunting knives I grind the edge to .010 before sharpening. On a Skinner you don't want a scary sharp knife, if it's to sharp you end up cutting...
  10. Ty Adams

    Hi from Wyoming

    Welcome to KD.
  11. Ty Adams

    KMG Shipping Delays

    I've avoided this thread because there are some people here that really love their KMG. It seems you either get a great one or a crappy one. I'm on the crappy side. The KMG I have has never tracked right. In less than 40 knives I've replaced all of the bearing, the most recent where the main...
  12. Ty Adams

    What's going on in your shop?

    An experiment with hamons. Both are forged 1095, one had the clay applied the night before. The other one was when I fired the heat treat oven, and dried for about an hour and a half. Can't wait to see what they look like.
  13. Ty Adams

    2nd knife sold with box.

    That's a good looking over all package. The area around the pins looks like chip out from drilling. Try going slower while drilling, and putting a flat piece of wood under the scales. That way the drill bit does just pop through taking a little bit with it.
  14. Ty Adams

    What's going on in your shop?

    Ready for a sheath.
  15. Ty Adams

    What's going on in your shop?

    Another hunter in the works. Curly mango, and red g10 liners.
  16. Ty Adams

    Greetings from Texas

    Welcome to KD.
  17. Ty Adams

    What's going on in your shop?

    Thank you!
  18. Ty Adams

    Morland Picture Gallery

    Dennis you always make the coolest handle combos.
  19. Ty Adams

    What's going on in your shop?

    Amboyna burl hunter ready for a sheath.
  20. Ty Adams

    I have to get creative on this one.

    That's really cool.