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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all!!
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    Giveaway promo Liner Lock WIP

    George and rmbonham here are some more photos- I got some more work in today. Here is a tool adapted to handle those tiny screws- Marking and spot drilling micarta- Spot drilled - Have to stop.
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    Giveaway promo Liner Lock WIP

    Tracy did an incredible job with his tutorial! I have never attempted to make a pocket knife, and his write up made it seem almost easy. It shortened my learning curve tremendously! I would still be scratching my head and wondering how do I do that. Whatever that particular step is. To avoid my...
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    Giveaway promo Liner Lock WIP

    This is my first attempt at a WIP and I am not sure where pictures and text will end up. The package arrived and this was in it- Here was the packing list- I started marking knife and cutting off excess material- Trial assembly- end view- Working on stops- and Somewhere...
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    ribbon burner forge build

    Roy, Thanks for posting. What blower do you use? Fred
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    Knife No. 19 - Purple Veggie Eater

    Looks very nice! Fred
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    A Clean Shop!

    Ed and Demo, If you guys want to clean a shop your welcome to come to my shop in Miami. It will feel warm to you guys at about 60 degrees today. By Monday it will be 80 plus and too hot again. Plus my wife has given up on the garage, in Miami, a garage is like a basement up north, storage. Fred
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    Schrade Automatic Family Heirloom Resurrected!

    Great job on the knife!! Now you have to restore the tool box too. Fred
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    ribbon burner forge build

    Wayne, Have you posted photos of your RB Forge? If so, where? Fred
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    ribbon burner forge build

    This might be it-! Fred
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    Edge finishing sequence?

    D E, Here is a link to go with all the other good information- Fred
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    Customer made my day.

    Hi C CRAFT, Why don't you make a WIP about your sharpening steps? Fred
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    Fairbairn Sykes website

    A scary piece! Very nice. Bob Engnath use to sell a blade he ground that was similar, called the OSS. Here- Fred
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    Other uses for the Porter 1/2" burner?

    Rex, Perhaps your thinking of this book-Step-by-Step Knifemaking: You Can Do It! by David Boye. Fred
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    Dewcarta hidden tang WIP (handle only)...

    Nice job, George
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    w2, textured copper, koa, hamon... gift for friend

    Kevin, Very nice looking knife, lucky friend. Fred
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    Those that own a KMG

    Josh, How did you post from phone? Thanks, Fred
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    Wick, That is a beautiful knife!! Fred
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    Fairbairn Sykes website

    Culdee, Thanks for the answer! About how thick were they? I will try to find info on the web. Thanks again. Fred