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    Gadzooks! New forum software is installed

    I like it! looks VERY posh! Two thumbs way WAY up!
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    Hypothetical question...

    easy peasy! Yup, it can indeed, just takes some fiddly designing. Buck made double linerlocks called crosslocks which is clever in that simply by rotating the knife you can access both blades in right or left configuration, (though i think they only did it in right handed versions). To...
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    Hello to all

    And so the African invasion begins, good to see you here Stefan! What shows have you got planned for the rest of the year? And will we see you at the Guild show?
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    In the deepest, darkest Africa....

    Thanks everyone, always great to link up with other addicts :) This intro forum has a very AA feeling! Dankie Steven, but I'm a proper sout-piel!
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    In the deepest, darkest Africa....

    Hey guys and gals, or dogs and ...... I think we'll stick with gals..... My Name's Gareth Bull, I've been making knives since I was just 12. I'm now 25 and joined the KGSA (Knifemakers Guild of Southern Africa) last year and work fulltime as a maker. I make all types and styles, but prefer...
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    whats the best locking mechanism for a first folder?

    Also... Also, take a look here: Tutorial 1 (good tutorial but the internal stop pin's a bit fiddly and advanced. Tutorial 2 (Nice and simple, well laid out) Tutorial 3...
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    whats the best locking mechanism for a first folder?

    Best first lock Having never done a friction lock i can't comment there, but I asume they're simple. Linerlocks are fantastic but there are a few ins and outs you need to know. Books like Bob Terzuola's "Anatomy of a Tactical Knife" are phenomenally useful. If you don't have a reference...
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    Frame Lock Questions

    My Framelock tips Hey there, here are a few tricks i use on my framelocks, all knifemakers are kings of enginuity and seeing as i can't splurge on a mill for the time being... I cut all my locks by clamping the lock side into my drill vice, running a small cut-off wheel at top revs and...