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  1. blksmith

    Feather and buckeye fantastic knife.

    Jleebron if you are interisted give me an email at and we'll talk.
  2. blksmith

    Feather and buckeye fantastic knife.

    A Fantastic feather blade and a stabilized Buckeye Burl Handle. Specs are on the picture. Comes with a 8-9 0unce sheath. Got about 30 hours in this one. My rockwell usually comes out at 57-61 Takes a good edge. both 1080 and 15n20 are good knife steels. Made with 18 layers then turned 90...
  3. blksmith


    Hey Bruce. How does your vertical gorge work? Does the satinite work for the lining or does it melt away with flux? I plan on relining mine soon and am looking for a liner material. Take care TJ
  4. blksmith

    My Version of the Vertical Forge

    Hi Bruce. How does your new forge work? Does the Satinite stand up against the flux at all or does it melt fast. I tried a box store version and it cracked up right away. Still I can get to 2350 pretty running less than 5 lbs of pressure. I am going to reline this spring and hope to do a better...
  5. blksmith


    Thanks john. It's been very confusing to me on how to rate a motor. I wonder why some people run a 3450 on their presses. Would that double their gpm output?
  6. blksmith


    At what rpm are hyd pumps rated? 1f your pump is rated at 16 gpm at what rpm is that rated at? 1725 or 3450
  7. blksmith

    Delete a for sale post

    How in the world do you delete a for sale post in the for sale column??????????????
  8. blksmith

    A close call

    Had a close one yesterday. While forge welding a billet for feather Damascus my press blew a return line. There is not supposed to be any pressure in the return line, but let me tell you a 16 gal pump will spray hyd fluid about 10-15 feet.. The bad thing was the forge was to close and the spray...
  9. blksmith

    Feather D

    Latest Feather Pattern Overall 9.25 Blade 4.5 1080 and 15n20 with a spalted maple handle. been working on this pattern for 2 years. Finally getting some results. What do you think? No engraving or anything fancy just a simple knife. TJ Smith
  10. blksmith

    Hunter/ Fighter

    Came up with this fine patterned random damascus. Still only 99 layers. Overall 9.25 inches with a 5.25 inch blade. Elk horn handle. I call it sorta a hunter/fighter cross. That's what you need when you got to fight to keep your kill. What do you think? TJ Smith
  11. blksmith

    Delamenate feather pattern Damascus how rewelding?

    I have had some luck rewelding de lams by soaking the billet in muratic acid 50 water and 50 acid. for a couple days(2). Then take it into a hot forge until ready to flux. press the delams closed first then weld the billet back together. Looks like your wedge was a little wide and maybe your...
  12. blksmith

    My latest feather.

    Here is my latest feather. 11 inches long with a 6 1/4 blade. Black walnut handle. Will it pass?
  13. blksmith

    Stays Black

    Does Stays Black work on steel. Like adding more contrast to damascus??
  14. blksmith

    Feather D (with a pic)

    Feather D Finally got the pic to post WHEEEEW. I have had some luck with this pattern. Just started some new billets last week. Lets see if I can keep the...
  15. blksmith

    Feather Damascus my way.

    Feather D Finally got the pic to post WHEEEEW. I have had some luck with this pattern. Just started some new billets last week. Lets see if I can keep the welds from tearing this time. What do you think?
  16. blksmith

    Feather Damascus my way.

    Haven't quite got it right yet but am getting close. 15n20 and 1080 for steel buckeye burl for handle. Nickle silver guard and butt. Fired up the forge and started on some new billets. What do you think?
  17. blksmith

    Elk horn slabs

    Sorry. Don,t want to remove the scales from the knife. I want to remove the scales from whatever i use to hold them while cutting a section out of the center to make them smaller in diameter. Take care TJ Smith
  18. blksmith

    Elk horn slabs

    I have some Elk Horn Sheds where the main stem is to big for a handle. How would I go about taking a 1/8 or 1/4 inch section out of the center? What would be good to hold the horn and be removable after the cutting? Is water glass water soluable? Take care TJ Smith
  19. blksmith

    A bit of a rant about user names on the forums

    i agree. nuff said TJ Smith