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    Just wanted to let you know that my wife found the package. Somehow it got kicked under the seat...

    Just wanted to let you know that my wife found the package. Somehow it got kicked under the seat and did not get mailed. She found it yesterday afternoon. She went straight to the post office after finding. She asked me to tell you that she was sorry for the delay. Anyway it is on its way to you...
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    Hey I wanted to drop you a line. I just read a message from Ernie that you have not got your...

    Hey I wanted to drop you a line. I just read a message from Ernie that you have not got your package yet. I am out of town right now, but the package was mailed a couple of weeks ago. My wife did it for me along with mailing some of her own things. Anyway I check with her and she did mail it, so...
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    EDC passaround

    Hey Sean put me on the list if you have room. Thanks.
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    knife sheath glue?

    Use Weldwood Contact Cement, you can get it at Lowes or Home Depot. They always have it in stock. Sandy was the one who told me about it and I know Paul uses it too. It is alot easier to get and cheaper than Barge by a lot.
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    Post Vise

    That is a sweet score George. Some guys just have all the luck. HEHEHE
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    Band saw

    What are you planning to use if for? If you give everyone as much information as you can it will help the experts to give you advice.
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    KnifeDogs 1st annual MITH giveaway

    Ok, I could not do the Christmas KITH this year because of the move but I can do the material thing. Sounds like fun, count me in too.
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    Roping a deer

    That is just to funny.
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    Boot Knife

    That is a sweet looking knife. I can not immagine him not liking it. Great job.
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    I Have a 40+ lbs Box of G-11 to Give Away, interested?

    I have some of it I got from Jim but I could always use somemore so count me in. :)
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    Message from Grandpa Ray

    Congratulations Ray, that is great news. I remember when I first became a Granddad, I was a little concerned because it just sounded so old, but now it is wonderful to hear. :) Congrats again.
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    Our Thanks and Gratitude!

    Ed my friend it was a honor to help you out, I wish I could have done more. You are always so eager help any of us anytime we ask even though you may have answered the same question the day before. You are a true Southern Gentleman, even if you do live way up north. From Jeanne and myself have a...
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    Central Texas Knifemaker's Club/Group/Association?

    I have talked to Tracy and he is going to make us a little Central Texas Knifemaker forum where we can post any hammer ins or other info that any of us wants to share. If yall do not like that idea let me know and I will tell Tracy.
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    Roadkill Rattler

    Great looking sheaths and snake. Where did you get the rattler?
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    Central Texas Knifemaker's Club/Group/Association?

    Travis I posted on the other forum too but I will not be to far from you in Crowley and I know there is another living in Burleson that would probably join in on the fun too. I think Tracy is letting knife clubs have a free subforum here, maybe he would let us set up one.
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    good man down...Ed Caffrey recovering from surgery - Fund raiser announcment

    Count me in Tracy. Also you might want to think about doing one of those mass emails to let everyone know all of the details. I know I was planning to be online last Monday and just could not make it. I would not want to miss out on helping just because I was not able to log on. Just a suggestion.
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    cooked/baked maple

    Are you talking about stabilizing with Nesonite C or some of the others out there that you soak and then bake at 90 degrees to cure it?
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    neck knife

    Harry the more I look at that knife the more I like. There is just something about it that just grabs you. Great job, I know the new owner will love it.
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    CPM M4 and sheep horn hunter

    That is one sweet looking knife Harry. Looks like your usual excellent workmanship. Great job.
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    James just take it slow and easy, better to pay a little now that a whole lot later. Good luck.