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    Mammoth molar folder

    Good to see you back at it and a great knife it is too
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    2016 KD Members Choice Awards - BEST NEW BUILDER

    Wow this was a tough one to pick who to vote for
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    survey time! What metal and thickness liners are in your slipplies?

    Depends on the size of the knife and if it will have bolsters or not. Generally my go to thickness is 0.040". On larger knives 0.050" can look a little better. The scales provide a lot more stiffness than the liners so I would happily go thinner on a shadow pattern knife compared to one with...
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    Lockback makers tang question

    Based on slipjoint tangs I would say that the bottom one would be much smoother
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    ATS 34 Folder Spring

    I do mine at 605C for 2 hours but I haven't got an RC tester to give you the hardness of them
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    Mystery Lock

    There is a little moveable pin in the handle that will lock or unlock it depending on which way the knife is held. Have a look at the WIP I posted on instagram .. my username is alistairphillipsfolders on there.
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    Mystery Lock

    More plus a video of the mystery lock in action.
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    Mystery Lock

    The blade and spring are damasteel. The bolsters, pins and liners are stainless and the scales are mammoth ivory. I have been wanting to make one of these since I found out about them a couple of years ago. The damasteel is from winning the giveaway BossDog ran a while ago. I finally put it to...
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    Teardrop Jack

    Fantastic work
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    Lock back whittler

    You hit that one out of the park
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    Mokume gane and mammoth ivory.

    That looks fantastic
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    passed my JS test

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    Bruce Bump, MS ~ The Ming Dagger

    Outstanding work Bruce
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    Titanium thickness?

    I have used between 0.040 and 0.080 for liners without any troubles. On the thinner material a flat head will go deeper than the thickness of the liners into the back spacer with a 2-56 screw.
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    I'm teaching a Seminar on "Cut N Shoots" need ideas

    It would be great if you could video it and post it on youtube along with an electronic version of the handout :D
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    Teardrop Jack

    That one turned out fantastic
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    Super glue for 2 blade slipjoint?

    That is how I do 2 bladed slipjoints as well. Super glue everything together whilst getting the spring and tang right and then separate them to finish them out.
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    Folding Dagger, Superconductor, LSCF and S35VN

    I made this folding dagger for a dagger challenge on the Australian Blade Forum late last year. The was the first dagger I have ever ground and really enjoyed the challenge of doing this one. There was the design challenge of getting the dagger to fold without exposing the top sharp edge as well...
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    How much time to make a folder?

    The quickest one I have done was 12 hours but they probably average about 20 hours for me.