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    Blackie Collins has passed

    Jane Collins would like for us to convey to you this message- It is with much sadness that we relay to you that Blackie Collins has passed away at age 71. He died doing what he loved to do most, ride with his lady, Jane. At this time I do not have words to express our grief. We will post...
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    2 small cutters

    Hey Dawgs! I've got a nice set of cutters for sale on the knifedogs ...check it out here for all the details... thanks, eddie
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    knife for sale

    gotta go, storm is brewing here, but wanted you to check out my EDC on the Shadow Knives forum here......... eddie
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    What do you do for a living

    I own Shadow Knives and make knives full time for myself, no help except what lora gives to the office and customers and such. usually 7 days a week unless she hollers alot about it.
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    Release the DRAGON

    The Dragon is fire-breathin' awesome! Can't wait to see it in person....if it stays on your table long enough!
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    I may be a wierdo.

    don't know about a support group as needed, but I don't collect blades either. don't hunt anymore, and as you.............I really enjoy making them-- have done so for 35 years. but, it's a living and not a hobby and I still love it. i admire everyone that makes them and collects and eats and...
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    Made for Countrymen serving our Country These fully customized Model XIII Fighters were made for 8 of our finest brave men overseas. These special forces needed a specialized custom sheath that...
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    Sir, my condolences. I have learned very quickly that the folks here at KnifeDogs are nothing but good folks. They have lifted my wife and our family up in our time of need. I am very very sorry for your loss, as I can't imagine nor express. deepest sympathy, eddie
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    Knife Give away for Monday Night!!! free get in on it here..

    You da boss! I'll take 913. thanks
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    Charity Collaboration

    You got me for the grind!
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    I didn't see this one coming...

    thanks for all the encouragement everyone! i can say this here, but i really just don't know about things like colors and what looks good together. yeah,'s my first PINK g-10. i usually sand the finish, but i buffed it...i guess cuz it was pink and did come out nice even...
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    welcome! can't wait to see some of your stag and love edc's!
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    I didn't see this one coming...

    I never know where a customer is going to lead me. In this case, my sister-in-law wanted this pink knife so her husband wouldn't take it from her like he did the last tactical she got from me. I usually don't buff G-10, but it polished up nicely. Model XIII Tactical 154CM PINK G-10 with white...
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    Hi there

    welcome man! hope you enjoy your stay....
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    User names

    I only started on forums 4 years ago when i started my own business. i worked 'in the shadows' for so long (over 30 years) for so many companies, i always said if I had my own custom knife business, it would be called Shadow Knives. It has worked fairly good. eddie
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    HI My first knives and first forum

    You do it Darci! that looks great! Welcome to the dawg!
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    Do makers use their own knives?

    shoot! it ain't complicated for me....i use the ones that i absolutely wouldn't sell, give or show to a soul! the complete screwups. for instance, i keep one by the wood pellet stove to cut open the bags of biomass....beautiful Model I (LOW serial number) in cocobola.....cracked to pieces from...
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    South Cackalackee Newbie

    Mark! Welcome! This place so far is just great and I think you'll like it. Lots to do and see. I really need to get the missus to put up pics and such for me, but I just been gettin' on and lookin a lot. from one South Cackalackeen to another, welcome and have fun! eddie
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    Pewter Skull Giveaway

    Thanks for the chance man! I'm in!