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  1. Dan Pierson

    Anyone made a Clay Spencer Tire Hammer?

    New England School of Metalwork in Auburn, ME had a class/build session a couple of years ago. I know of couple of people who went. One still has his hammer and is happy with it (he's primarily a sword maker), the other sold or traded it off but he's a wheeler dealer and always doing that...
  2. Dan Pierson

    Let's see your anvil stand!

    Kind of like Casey Browns but offset the 2x12s 2" to provide a built in tool rack:
  3. Dan Pierson

    Adhesives for holding "Glass" to platen

    I was just watching a video on adding glass to a NorthRidge platen since I hadn't done it in several years for my old KMG and it appears that they recommend gasket bonding RTV. Hmm... They also nicely drill and tap a couple of holes for a little shelf on the bottom of their standard platen...
  4. Dan Pierson

    Historic Wagon Bowie

    Looks great and the history is impressive. Good job!
  5. Dan Pierson

    Peter Johnsson's exhibit

    Dedication to the Goddess
  6. Dan Pierson

    Collaboration with Matt Gregory

    Great pair and concept. I really like your contoured seppa and guard.
  7. Dan Pierson

    My latest sword project

    Beautiful sword and very informative writing Kevin. Wish I could feel how it handles.
  8. Dan Pierson

    forge for sword making

    You might want to look at what Kevin, The Professor has done for his vertical heat treat forge. Basically it's a piece of cast iron sewer pipe.
  9. Dan Pierson

    15N20 rusting

    Just discolored but not rusted? That's expected. You can't reasonably avoid it on most non-stainless steels but it's not harmful. You're on the right track that a forced patina will make it less noticeable because what you're seeing the start of a natural patina. I've used both ferric...
  10. Dan Pierson

    In Fond Memory of Chuck Burrows

    He'll be missed. One of the sages. Always generous with his advice and experience.
  11. Dan Pierson

    John Horrigan MS ~ Damascus Keyhole

    Beautiful knife and excellent photography. The way you've captured the 3d look of the damascus is extraordinary.
  12. Dan Pierson

    New Girl, Danae from Aus.

    Very nice work indeed. Great to have you join the pack.
  13. Dan Pierson

    The wing

    Yes, very beautiful. I really like the whole concept and presentation.
  14. Dan Pierson

    River Jian in-progress

    I certainly hope to be there -- mainly hoping that it's not the same weekend my niece comes cross country to visit us for another math contest.
  15. Dan Pierson

    River Jian in-progress

    Kevin - great to see that you've got your shop set up again and that you're finally making a jian! Looking good so far.
  16. Dan Pierson

    Teardrop Jack

    Beautiful clean work.
  17. Dan Pierson

    Walnut Khukri and some Photography Experimentation

    Thanks a lot Erin. That's a very valuable pointer -- and a great knife.