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    Converting a surface grinder to Belts

    Ed, Very helpful post, Thank You! It looks like you used the same size wheel for idler is that the case? Ordering a wheel but it is going to take 5 weeks :( :)
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    Little things that are essential in the shop

    Ed, Thank You, very valuable information! I was a little put off the smaller unit not having the magnetic base but if it comes with one that is sub par then it really doesn't help much :D How many horse is your surface grinder?
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    Little things that are essential in the shop

    Hey guys, What Surface Grinders do you guys recommend, I am considering a Grizzly don't know if I should get their base one which has a 6X12 work surface with a 3/4 horse motor or get the next one up which has a 2hp motor and a 6x18 work surface. I am leaning towards the next one up because it...
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    Josh Fisher JS ~ Koa Fighter

    Just amazing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I hate making sheaths bad enough.....

    Man that sucks, at least he didn't chew up a knife handle [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What's going on in your shop?

    That is a nice one for sure!
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    Pin placement help

    Thank You. That is kind of what I was thinking, moving that rear pin back and the center pin slightly up which would put it a little above center but more inline with the other two pins.
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    Pin placement help

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    Pin placement help

    How do you decide where to put your pins? I was taught to eyeball pins and put them where they look right, not to measure. I have also been told to divide the handle in 1/4ths. If a handle has some belly on the bottom but not on the top that would place your pin lower in the center of the...
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    CA coat for wood handle quesion

    I put it on some iron wood and over time it peeled off, I don't know if it would do that on a more porous wood or not. One trouble is if you try to sand or buff it you need several coats to make sure you don't buff or sand it off of one area. It is difficult to get a good coating. I prefer to...
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    WTB Wuertz surface grinder attachment

    I have one I might be willing to part with, I bought it December 2013, I would take $1,500 for it OBO. I would like to replace it with a regular surface grinder.
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    What is the ideal size of wheel for hollow grinding?

    I am using a 10in serrated and a 10 smooth, I want to get a 12 or 14 but you know how it goes. A never ending list of tools to add to the arsenal :D The serrated with a 50 grit blaze makes quick work of getting your grind started.... that or messing up without waisting any time :D of course that...
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    Rookies Adventure in AEB-L Kitchen Knives

    Nice, I like the profile!
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    Laser Cutting Composites?

    I know they won't cut certain materials like kydex it contains I believe polymers and it will corrode their equipment and void the warrantee. Whatever it contains it's not good. I have had krynite cut but it kind of melts and distorts. I think CNC is the best for most materials. But I am not an...
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    Storing wood?

    I recently had some troubles because as I was trying to speed up the dry time on the truoil I placed my knives in a room with a dehumidifier and the scales shrunk. So I thought about storing my scales in a room with a dehumidifier to start with. I figured if they shrinking is worse than if it...
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    Jimping Help

    Thanks guys!
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    Jimping Help

    Is there a thread on jimping how to/ do's and don't? I have a few questions. Do you do your jimping before heat treat, if so, can you do it after and what do you use? (this seams like a stupid question because I am know you can but looking for the best practices.) What are the best tools for...
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    First Framelock WIP

    Looking great, exciting to see it come together. I hope to do a folder someday soon. :D
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    A Great Loss

    Attended the funeral of my mentor and good friend "Bill" WC Davis today. Bill has been a huge help over the last couple of years teaching me how to make knives. I wish I had more time to learn from him. I am thankful for his help and all the help from this forum as well...