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  1. Owl

    Grinding jigs

    I got the larger one, the MC152 size, I think. When grinding larger blades I am using the whole width of the jig. The older jigs I used required small vise grip clamps and I found them too "fiddly". The magnet works really well, but looking at the Moen and hearing what Chris has to say makes...
  2. Owl

    Grinding jigs

    I also learned to grind freehand and did that for a few years. But since I like to make a batch of the same design at the time, I decided to try out a jig. I made a couple jigs that seemed clunky to use, and finally decided to get the one made by Contender...
  3. Owl

    Belt progression

    I do all my grinding post HT. I wet grind with 36 or 50, then 120 ceramics. After that dry with Trizact 337 in A65, the A45, then hand sand. If I am doing damascus I'll use a Trizact A30 after that.
  4. Owl

    2X72 water mister

    This is a nice setup, and it really does help reduce overheating when you are doing your post HT grinding, especially with thin blades. I have been using a system like this for the past several years with good success. You may want to try adding this #77 grinding fluid to your water bottle. I...
  5. Owl

    Trouble Heat Treating Baker Forge Bronze SanMai

    How about posting a picture of it once you have it etched?
  6. Owl

    The Laser Thread

    That whole blade etching looks interesting, but do you know how much it heated up your blade? If it caused a warp I wonder if it would be hot enough to affect your heat treat.
  7. Owl

    The Laser Thread guys are killing me with your lasers! I really needed an excuse to buy another piece of equipment! I see that your diode lasers can achieve a fairly permanent dark mark on blade steel. Are you able to get any depth on the steel with a diode laser? I see they have some 40 watt ones...
  8. Owl

    Trouble Heat Treating Baker Forge Bronze SanMai

    Yeah, you have to test only the core 80crv2. It has to be a spot that is solid steel all the way through, so it has to be near your edge. If there is a layer of bronze or copper below the test point it will give you a softer reading.
  9. Owl

    OPauls Knife Picture Thread

    This is beautiful opaul! You are a knife making machine!
  10. Owl

    Glass Patten

    I welded a small shelf, about 1/8" x 1/4" on the bottom of my platen for the glass to sit on, and then used JB Weld to attach the glass platen. The shelf is just insurance. I have noticed some static discharge at times. If that happens I spray the belt and platen with a little Static Guard.
  11. Owl

    Glass Patten

    I got one from Boss Dog also, a very long time ago. It is still going strong. They last forever.
  12. Owl

    Wood Identity

    I would say desert ironwood also.
  13. Owl

    How Many Knives at Once...

    I agree with Kev about the advantages of working in batches. I mainly do stock removal AEB-L blades so it is easier for me to set up and do marking, cutting out 3-4 patterns and profiling about 25-30 total blades at once. Then I set up and bag them all in SS foil and spend a day heat treating...
  14. Owl

    Maple burl blocks

    I'll pass on the second group of blocks, thanks. If the original three blocks you posted are still available, I'd like to buy them.
  15. Owl

    Maple burl blocks

    OK...I have been watching this but this is the first I've seen Lumptastic respond. I would still like to buy them.
  16. Owl

    Maple burl blocks

    I'll take them if still available.
  17. Owl

    Happy 4th!

    Happy Independence Day...,to all you US dogs! Everyone else....have a great 4th of July!
  18. Owl

    Sheath Stitching

    Not a bad idea at all. Simple, cheap, and effective.
  19. Owl

    Edge Pro Apex

    About 15 years ago I bought a shop full of used woodworking tools from a friend who was getting out of the hobby and moving. Included in the lot was a Tormek Supergrind 2000, and a bunch of the sharpening jigs to go with it. I got accustomed to using it with the original stone wheel, but getting...
  20. Owl

    Knife boxes

    Pop's has some listed on their web site.