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  1. Clydetz

    one done for Blade show 12" OAL in CPM154

    Beautiful work! Has a very futuristic flare to it. Very well done sir!
  2. Clydetz

    Sid Bell, knifemaker

    I don't know if he was an engraver too. I did find a Sid Bell who was a silversmith up in Alaska in my search but this friend of mine says he was from Lubbock, TX. I haven't seen these two knives she has but on my next visit, I'll check them out.
  3. Clydetz

    Sid Bell, knifemaker

    Anyone have any info on knives made by a Sid Bell? A friend says she has 2 knives made by a Sid Bell of Lubbock, TX but knows nothing about them.
  4. Clydetz

    Week 6 Photo Contest CLOSED for entries - STAGING a Photo

    J. Neilson recurve hunter with scrimshaw by Mark Schaukowitsch...
  5. Clydetz

    Vote CLOSED Week 4 Photo Contest - Insets

    I narrowed my choice down to 2 photos and N.N. got the nod. I liked his presentation... it just caught my eye in a pleasing way.
  6. Clydetz

    Week 2 Photo Contest Voting CLOSED

    I've looked through all the photos at least 5-6 times. Got my choice narrowed down to 3 fine looking photos but HHH Knives gets my vote. The photo just keeps me mesmerized!
  7. Clydetz

    Week 3 Photo contest -CLOSED for entries

    Two folders by Frank Niro. Again, camera was a Canon PowerShot A3100IS set on auto. Background is a blue blanket & the branch is from a Sycamore tree dating back to 1785.
  8. Clydetz

    week 2 Photo contest CLOSED

    A Buck 110 shot with a Canon PowerShot A3100IS in auto mode on the kitchen counter...
  9. Clydetz


    I've seen this also on ebay. I just won't bid any higher than what I think it's worth. Hopefully I left the seller as high bidder on his own item!:9:
  10. Clydetz

    Fish pond...

    My gf has about 4 frog & 3 turtle ceramic figures around her pond and another 3 'real' frogs and 1 'real' turtle in the pond. You have to be careful where you step! :1: This is a photo of her self-built pond at her place. Has to be about 1000 gallons. She has since removed all the...
  11. Clydetz

    Fish pond...

    I fed him some cement & he's been like that ever since. :biggrin: Good luck with your water feature. It is really relaxing to sit out there & hear the water trickle. Looking to build a waterfall next. You can really get carried away with these ponds.
  12. Clydetz

    A question about wood

    Just an update... I bought 4 more of these type of knives made in India. While not that expensive, I was 'hooked' on the carvings. Very few sellers knew what type of wood was used but my best guess after searching all the descriptions I could find is Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) and Teak.
  13. Clydetz

    Fish pond...

    No fish yet but it will be inhabited by goldfish soon. The gf has about 40 goldfish in her pond and her daughter just recently spotted a 2" turtle in her pond... probably a snapping turtle.
  14. Clydetz

    Fish pond...

    My gf loves building fish ponds. This is about a 100 gallon fishpond in my backyard. She built one in her backyard which is about 1000 gallons. The plants around the fish pond are bloomin' & 3 frogs & 2 tadpoles have been added by my neighbor! Close-up of Seymour Seagull...
  15. Clydetz

    A question about wood

    I picked this knife up at an antique store about a week ago. I knew it was made in India but I can't find any information about what type of wood may have been used for the handle or sheath. Anyone want to hazard a guess? I'm thinking it might be mahogany, sandalwood, satisal, or teak but I'm...
  16. Clydetz

    Another Wildlife Mystery

    Next trip to the stream go to the side where you heard the noise and look for any signs of beaver. Maybe a large beaver was trying to scare an intruding beaver away. Or maybe there are exceptionally large bullfrogs jumping off the bank. Just a thought.
  17. Clydetz

    What a Push !!!

    When you make a great product... people come back for more, Frank. Great to see you so excited!