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  1. Ironwolf

    The BULLDOG WIP by Steve Janik (page 1)

    a good decision just checked my emails and saw this update... a fine decision indeed!:35: (please add me to the list of people who want one!)
  2. Ironwolf

    Off in the distance, there's a lonesome howl.....

    Thanks Randy, Happy Easter, and Peace to you & your House.
  3. Ironwolf

    Off in the distance, there's a lonesome howl.....

    Well, not really lonesome, maybe a fire truck went by or sumthin'... Hello all you Dogs out there, I'm back. I want to offer my deepest apology to all you who call me Friend: as you may remember I was goin' thru some stuff (dealing with my ex), and toward the end of it, I got clobbered...
  4. Ironwolf


    Just wanted to stop in real quick and say 'Howdy'! Dolly and I are just getting settled into the new place but don't have internet yet: should be back online in a week or so. See ya'll soon, Wolf.
  5. Ironwolf

    The BULLDOG WIP by Steve Janik (page 1)

    Steve, thank you for this incredible Tutorial!!! I'm going to bookmark it (unless you were to,you know,make it a sticky for all us folks who are gonna be buying and building these kits...:biggrin:) It will be a few months until I'm set up with a decent drill press and grinder, but I WILL be...
  6. Ironwolf

    Win this knife

    Les,PP sent. I had enough for 3 spots: 63,64 and 65 please. Good luck everyone!
  7. Ironwolf

    Prayer Request for my family

    Glad to hear this brother, Smoke still rising for you all.
  8. Ironwolf

    hey guys!

    Welcome to KnifeDogs Michael!
  9. Ironwolf

    Smoke and warm thoughts for ya'll

    So this is what the 'Storm of The Century' looks like... (I'm on the edge of it; the arrow pointing at the lil' black dot on Vancouver Island) Smoke and prayers goin' out to you all... I'm sending warm thoughts your way! follow this to see what the weather's doing: click on All Images,bottom...
  10. Ironwolf

    Prayer Request for my family

    Billy, Healing and Peaceful Smoke rolling for your Family brother, Strength and Prayers coming to ya man.
  11. Ironwolf

    LOOK WHAT I MADE Basket Weave

    yeah,but look at it this way... now you don't have to worry about what may,or may not be in your dinner... "honey,did you noticed that the neighbour's cat hasn't been hanging around today?"...:biggrin:
  12. Ironwolf

    LOOK WHAT I MADE Basket Weave

    you bet brother; but if I gave my wife a dagger as beautiful as that,and then tried to take it from her, well heck,she'd let me know right quick that I'd have to sleep some time...(and besides,she's a WAY better cook than I am). We may be the roosters in the barn-yard,but Momma Hen rules the...
  13. Ironwolf

    LOOK WHAT I MADE Basket Weave

    oh dang,that is a sexy dagger... ...and do you really believe you're gonna be able to pry it from your wife's hand once she holds it? lol,good luck with that! (you are far braver than I am...I wouldn't even dream of tryin'!) :biggrin:
  14. Ironwolf

    LOOK WHAT I MADE Basket Weave

    That's a great pattern Clint, +1 on the dagger idea!
  15. Ironwolf

    Its been a long time coming but.............

    That's awesome Big E! I'm glad to see you have some time for yourself finally. Good to see you making some noise in the shop!
  16. Ironwolf

    Future knifedog

    Welcome to the world, David Kyle Gahagan! Congratulations and well done to both of you, he's a strong,beautiful little man!!
  17. Ironwolf

    Postive Thoughts for Aussies

    That's beyond my's half the size of my province!!! (British Columbia)
  18. Ironwolf

    We lost another of the Great knifemakers - Dan Dennehy

    Rest In Peace Mr.Dennehy.
  19. Ironwolf

    Happy Australia Day to our Brothers down under

    Happy Australia Day to ya'll, I'm thinking dry thoughts for all you who are dealing with the aftermath of the recent floods!
  20. Ironwolf

    Survival Kit

    I always have waxed dental floss in my kits; fishing line,suture material,snare wire,sewing thread...oh,and you can use for flossing too! Most dental floss has a tensile strength equivalent to 15-20lb test fishing line.