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  1. Paul Long

    How would you do it ? New Knife needs a new sheath

    For the style knife you have shown in the photo, I would definitely recommend a sheath similar to the sheaths in the photos above. (The style, and not necessarily the inlays , overlays, and other decorative trim). I have made hundreds of them and they all have seemed to work fine. Paul
  2. Paul Long

    Lined Sheath

    JON, the sheath as you have shown it, I refer to as a "sash" sheath. The function of the stud is exactly as you described, being a stop when the sheath is inserted under the belt or sash. This was a very popular way to carry back in Jim Bowie's day. Now a word about your work. In fact, just...
  3. Paul Long

    Paul Longs new DVD

    Thanks Colin. I just found out ti had been released myself. This is a little longer running DVD. It covers three different styles of folder sheath from pattern to finish. Paul
  4. Paul Long

    Edge finishing sequence?

    Here's my sequence. Glue up Level edge on 60 grit wheel or belt Run stitch groove and stitch Re-level edge on 100 grit wheel or belt Dampen edge thoroughly Run edger to radius the edges Paste saddle soap and water and then burnish with a cloth, canvas, whatever. One more light pass on the 100...
  5. Paul Long

    Review of Paul Long's Basic Pouch and advanced dvd's

    Josh and Jim, thanks so much for the good review. I'm on the way to the store now to buy a hat seven sizes bigger than usual:biggrin: A lot of thought went into making both those DVDs. I wanted it to be pretty much like you were in the shop with me, so we were as thorough as...
  6. Paul Long

    Awl confused

    If you are going to use the drill press idea, then diamond shape is not necessary. Just cut the handle off an ice pick, and make sure the pick is sharp and polished. It would also be good to lube the pick with some bee's wax every several strokes to facilitate ease of penetrations. An...
  7. Paul Long

    Leather tool quality explanation

    Eric: The "Tips" DVD goes into pretty complete detail on quite a few subjects, but one of the most important is how to run the basket weave stamp and get it perfect every time. I think you'll find that interesting and time saving. It would probably be wise to go ahead and invest in the higher...
  8. Paul Long

    Leather tool quality explanation

    goldsmithy: You most probably can use the stamps on leather, but I'm not sure what the quality of the impression will be. Just try it on a test basis on some scrap leather first. As far as the knife making goes, that's above my pay grade. I can cover them with leather, but I can't make 'em...
  9. Paul Long

    Leather tool quality explanation

    Teter09: Well, I have read this entire thread with interest and I agree with some of the advice, but be patient and read what a guy 10 years younger than Sandy says. (That still makes me old enough to be set in my ways) 1. Gomph-Hackbarth tools today are not what they were when they gained...
  10. Paul Long

    Leather Splitting Machine

    Well, the unfortunate part is that none of the splitters are really very inexpensive. I have had zero luck with the pull through splitters as far as consistency of split is concerned, and on top of that they are really pretty pricey for what you get and what they deliver. The hand crank Landis...
  11. Paul Long

    Sew Tech 5100 - thoughts ??

    Okay, now after this new information, It's time for me to recommend that you look into the Cobra Brand machinery. The Cobra 3 or Cobra 4 specifically. Go to Leather Machine Co. (GOOGLE). The cobra packages come with all the goodies you want (stitch guide etc.)except maybe the flat bed...
  12. Paul Long

    Sew Tech 5100 - thoughts ??

    Being local to you is a huge plus. Just be sure the distributor of the machine is on board with you, the new owner, so that there are no future warranty issues and service and help is readily at hand. Paul
  13. Paul Long

    Sew Tech 5100 - thoughts ??

    All the Juki clones are pretty well tit for tat concerning specs etc and even the prices are pretty well in line. They are all excellent machines and perform generally very well. Pilot error seems to be the major difficulty. Now having said all that WHERE and WHO FROM you buy your machine is...
  14. Paul Long

    stitching*machine advice

    Chief, I hope you sent copies of the photos/mods to Steve. He would get a kick out of that. The clean up and restoration on that Singer 29 is amazing. Paul
  15. Paul Long

    Happy Birthday, Sandy

    Gents, our most senior member, Mr. Sandy Morrisey, turns 90 tomorrow, April 16.:thumbup1::clap:Many happy returns, my friend. Paul
  16. Paul Long

    Oiling leather

    You did not say, but I'm assuming your are using Russet, or natural color leather. See if there is some Virgin Olive Oil in the kitchen, and use that. Apply it VERY sparingly in multiple applications until you get the shade you are looking for. It will darken the leather dramatically so wait...
  17. Paul Long

    Questions about the uses of the different leather weights

    Clifton, I answered your email in detail. Feel free to post it here if you want to for the benefit of others who may have similar concerns. Paul
  18. Paul Long

    Questions about the uses of the different leather weights

    I line 100% of my work and I use 7/8 oz. and 2/3 oz. exclusively. I buy four colors Russett (natural), Chestnut (tannery dyed), Brown (tannery dyed) and Black (tannery dyed). I don't much like the harness leather for what I do and the lack of all four colors is another reason I chose not to...
  19. Paul Long

    My Damascus Fighter

    Ricky, there is nothing not to like about the knife. The guard is very Bagwell influenced and that's a very good thing. If the turn downs on the guard are very close to the blade you will learn another lesson when making the sheath.:les: Paul
  20. Paul Long

    How much will it cost me ?

    First of all Steve, I have to ask the obvious. Are you "short stroking"your Tippman. To sew properly, the hand lever has to make FULL top to stop and bottom to stop arc. Anything less will result is skips stitches an all manner of other inconveniences. Next, all the good machines are...