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  1. Patrick

    Official KnifeDogs Summer 2014 Knife in the Hat (KITH) Thread

    I'd like to be in this year. Missed last year completely. Can't wait to get on this.
  2. Patrick

    Official Summer 2013 KnifeDogs Knife in the Hat Thread

    I'll be in on this. KITH's are fun. Dick, ready for #3?
  3. Patrick

    Feb. 2013--Bubble Jig with a mystery damascus billet to grind on giveaway.

    I'll take 356 Fred. Thanks for the chance.
  4. Patrick

    Anyone checker handles?

    Why don't you give the guys at Brownells a call. They have the equipment and should be able to help you figure out if this is feasible. Otherwise talk to a local gunsmith. They may be able to teach you how to do it.
  5. Patrick

    Why not a traditional Butcher's knife?

    OMG Dan that is freakin awesome! I have about 50 old butcher knives and use a few. Started modifying a couple of the broken ones so they can play again. Dan, my favorite knife is still the Nessmuk you sent me for the KITH a few years back. That butcher would work well with it.
  6. Patrick

    NT Kith 2013

    I'm in! That was fun last year. Oh I just remembered all the hand filing and sanding. What a boatload of work. The giant seax I got from George last year could cut a zombie at 10 paces. So we're looking at mid June for deadline? What are we doing? Zombie kitchen? Mine will be a sharpened...
  7. Patrick

    "My very first knife" - post up!

    I brought in a picture to work a while ago to post here and just uncovered it from a pile of stuff. I forged these blades from Nicholson files at a couple blacksmithing events held by Centaur Forge back in '04-'05. There was a lot of cussing and fighting and spittin' trying to get...
  8. Patrick

    Ironwood/San Mai always Karl. Beautiful Ironwood.
  9. Patrick

    Dave Lisch amber stag feather fighter

    That is an awesome knife and sheath. You outdo yourself every time John.
  10. Patrick

    November-2012 Bubble Jig with a mystery damascus billet to grind on giveaway.

    I'll take 666. Just because it was Halloween a few days ago. Thanks Fred for gettin' Jiggy.
  11. Patrick

    Military Knife Good To Go

    Wanted to post up the military knife I built thanks to KnifeDogs. First off, the knife will be going to our son. He is in the Marines. He was picked to train for Marine Special Operations. Unfortunately just before he was to leave he broke a bone in his hand and was lucky enough to have his...
  12. Patrick

    oil for ivory?

    Hey George, Try pm'ing rootes-of-ohio. He sells stag and tusk material. Should be able to help you out. BTW I still love the NT KITH seax.
  13. Patrick

    score this weekend!

    Check locally for saw mills. They could slab that up for you in a hurry and then you just have to piece it out. Leave them a little bigger than what you plan to use, so when they fully dry and it moves a little, you will have enough to work with. Great score!
  14. Patrick

    San Mai Recurve Hunter

    Dang Karl. You knocked that one outta here.
  15. Patrick

    KITH official pictures thread

    Got my knife from s2f late on Wednesday. Working on four knives that are due this weekend so I couldn't post yesterday. This is a well made knife for only his 8th one. The knife is solid and should take a beating. This is going to be a user for me, as it's already on my belt and from there...
  16. Patrick

    KITH official pictures thread

    DonL that sheath looks good. If you do make another send the guy both so he has a beater sheath for those rough trips.
  17. Patrick

    KITH official pictures thread

    Here's my entry in the July KITH. It's a frontier fighter. Forged 1084, 11.250" OAL 1/8" thick, 5.750" blade Curly Hickory handle with acid finish Copper pins and thong tube Brown Leather sheath
  18. Patrick

    Just Got My NT KITH!

    Thanks George. Those darn sheaths get most of us. You did a great job. Can you help me with the nine sheaths I have to make in the next couple weeks?
  19. Patrick

    Just Got My NT KITH!

    Yeah, he had the knife ready but was having issues with the sheath. Anyway it's here, it's great and I for one have been thoroughly amazed at the work on this Neo Tribal subforum. Y'all rock!
  20. Patrick

    Just Got My NT KITH!

    WooHoo!!!!! A card was left in my mailbox yesterday that a box is ready for pickup at the local post office. Sweet just one more day. Well today I picked up the package and was surprised by the size and weight of the box. Headed out to open it up and...Hello! What's this? This thing is a...