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    Sweeping plunge line? Grind line?

    I don’t think I’m smart enough to make this happen ... lol great job on that grind though ... please post a completed knife pic
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    Toaster Oven Mods

    You can get PID controllers that take 220 input .... but like @MTBob said .... not sure why for this application
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    Sweeping plunge line? Grind line?

    Oh for sure ... I’m interested how you got that grind lime with a file... I still mostly use a file
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    Sweeping plunge line? Grind line?

    I’d like to see a tutorial on that ;)
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    Sweeping plunge line? Grind line?

    I’ll just be happy when I get 2 the same.... lol
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    KDs Best of 2020....

    My best achievement was actually revisiting this awesome craft. I was able to get a couple mediocre blades made ... looking forward to 2021. Gonna really try and hone my “skill” Happy New Year everyone!
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    First Knife

    I just turned 52 this month ... still feel like I’m in my 30s though. My daughter was born February 29, 1996 so she’ll be 6.25 here soon
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    Sweeping plunge line? Grind line?

    I’m nowhere near the point of trying something like that but find it really neat looking
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    Sweeping plunge line? Grind line?

    I've been seeing some interesting grinds lately .. how does one achieve a plunge/grind line like this?
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    Loveless Style Little Bear. **SOLD**

    Dang that thing is purdy! Congrats on the sale
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    Another wedding ring

    Which mini mill do you have? I used to run a “model shop” where we made prototypes for customers ... had access to all manner of stuff ... I miss the mill the most
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    Clip Point WIP

    I think I’m going to try my hand at brass bolsters...should look nice with the purple and will address my over exposed ricasso issue. I really need to do better at that :rolleyes:
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    Clip Point WIP

    So I screwed up the olivewood scales and didn’t have anymore linen micarta. A buddy of mine is a Clemson fan so I went with Purple Heart with white and orange liners. Again I have them too far back showing a big ricasso ... I may redo them since I have a bunch of all the materials but here’s a...
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    A Christmas Present For My Neighbor

    If that’s all it takes .... can you make me one ? :p Looks great!
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    Clip Point WIP

    No pictures today but got back in the shop and got the blade ready for an edge .... working on the scales and had a slight issue with pin alignment but was able to remedy ... hoped to finish by Christmas but it was not to be. I’ll get it done this weekend ... I hope
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    kind of in a pinch

    I’ve used mineral spirits and lacquer thinner .... oh and acetone
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    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope Santa is good to ya!
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    Tool Maintenance

    Mine has the original belt as well
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    Jimping Preferences?

    Agreed ... I’ve filed the edges like facets
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    Tool Maintenance

    Model 11-990 ... a cast iron beast in my opinion