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  1. Rusty McDonald

    Sambar Stag Stockman

    Very clean! Nice work
  2. Rusty McDonald

    Where to get a anodizing machine turn key

    Just so happens that an Annodizer is easy to make. But If you want to buy one Check out Uncle Al's at Riverside machine If you look farther down the page there are instructions on how to use them.
  3. Rusty McDonald

    Ideas for portable band saw stand?

    I got the full Stand, It's kinda heavy and can bolt it to a table. but it comes out of the base easy.
  4. Rusty McDonald

    Ideas for portable band saw stand?

    If you want a quality sturdy heavy built stand For your portable bandsaw Google swag off-road. Their stand is the best out there and it fits both Milwaukee and dewalt. I own one and the only problem I have with it is I don't have 2 of them. <LOOK HERE>
  5. Rusty McDonald

    Is there an easier way to mirror finish?

    Lots of fine belts. Oh and cork belts with compound worked in.
  6. Rusty McDonald

    Need help identifying this grinder and opinions on it

    That is a jet version of the square wheel.I have one but have never even plugged it in.
  7. Rusty McDonald

    Hammer In and Folder In

    Sounds like a good time. Wish I could go.
  8. Rusty McDonald

    Five Years And Counting!

  9. Rusty McDonald

    What makes for a good Hammer In?

    Most charge a fee. Some sell T-shirts with the fee so at least you can walk away with something I'd say demos and activities. Show some kids how to forge or a cutting competition
  10. Rusty McDonald

    Recommend a good stone?

    +1 for the Norton fine
  11. Rusty McDonald

    Injection rubber moulding

    I now work for a company that makes rubber and the process is complicated to say the least
  12. Rusty McDonald


    Mr Coats its a pleasure to see you here. BIG fan of your shadow pattern toothpicks.
  13. Rusty McDonald

    Interframe inlays

    EDM but they are pricy, Punch presses are available. but on the cheap make your own on a mill.
  14. Rusty McDonald

    My new toy

    Working. 12 hour days with a 45min drive both ways.
  15. Rusty McDonald

    Soldering- Lesson Learned

    I use the solder and flux from Brownells. It has never failed me. But it is a high temp solder. Silvaloy I think it's called.
  16. Rusty McDonald

    My new toy

    Just picked this up from Shreveport, LA. dang thing weighs 2200lbs anyone want to help me unload it?
  17. Rusty McDonald

    IKBS counterbore?