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    Tong choices or big pliers maybe?

    The best tongs for this are double pickup tongs. I made triple pickup tongs many years ago which were even better.
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    When do you consider yourself a knifemaker?

    Leaves me out then.. What about the bikini line.. LOL.. Guess I can never be a knifemaker unless there are some other criteria.
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    Box Jaw tongs How to.. Method #2 video series

    Your very welcome.. Thanks for taking the time to watch..
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    Hello from England!

    Welcome and lovely work.
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    Leaf blade, copper fittings and bacote handle

    Gliden07, Thank you.. Not great at texting.. don't know all the abbreviations.. The bend was done before the handle existed. I had in mind what I wanted it to look like. No the bend was done totally on it's own over the horn of the anvil. Forged to shape as well.
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    Timken Made in USA

    I'm not planning on spending a lot of time with these particular knife designs.. I have 4 more bearing shells with the "Timken USA" stamped in.. I go through phases and will make a bunch of 1 type of item(knives, axes, martial arts tools, latchs, hinges, etc, etc) when I am feeling inspired to...
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    Leaf blade, copper fittings and bacote handle

    Thank you very much.. Thanks for looking in on my bio too. It's been a very interesting road from many facets.. Not sure what a " WIPs" is?? It's interesting that I find others stories fascinating but my own kinda boring.. :) I suppose there is a story in there somewhere.. :)
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    Leaf blade, copper fittings and bacote handle

    Hi Ken, yes it is damascus done in house.. It's 18 or so layers with a lawn mower blade in the middle.. San Mai yes.. Good eye.. It turns this really super dark black color and the reason why I picked it. It takes a decent durable edge but won't stay super sharp.. It will stay hair shaving...
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    Leaf blade, copper fittings and bacote handle

    Some shots of the knife is coming together.. Still have to make the butt cap and nut.
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    Timken Made in USA

    True true.. Just have to find the bearings that have it incised into the side of the bearing instead of the side.. Nearly all the bearings I have seen with the bearing numbers are etched vs stamped.
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    Timken Made in USA

    Thanks 52 Ford.. Handy materials to have on hand. I've got 4 whole bearings left and 1 I started but forged the Timken USA right out of it.. I did not see the value in having the "Timken USA" it had to grow on me.. :)
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    Timken Made in USA

    Only took me 5 years or so to figure out how to make it.. For the first prototype, I think it has potential. it was a 392A Timken bearing so not that wide.. Punched hot to pull the material over enough.. Yes, the hole is off in the back, and yes, to preserve the "Timken". I did it all...
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    Timken Made in USA

    Custom blade.. Finally figured out a workable handle configuration. Started blade number of years ago and it took this long to see the results. Pretty good for a prototype me thinks.
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  17. Timken USA

    Timken USA

    Latest prototype