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  1. J. Hoffman

    DC motor/drive help.

    After multiple emails and multi meter tests with Electric Motor Wholesale, I have a new drive on the way. I guess you only get 34 years out of a Leeson DC drive
  2. J. Hoffman

    DC motor/drive help.

    Tonight my variable speed DC grinder started acting strange. It doesn't seem to change speed from 0-30 and again from 80-100. I usually run this grinder pretty slow, but now it won't get slow enough. Do the potentiometers go bad in the drives? Hoping it's something I can just fix.
  3. J. Hoffman

    Glass Patten

    For the way I grind it destroys belts, and they come apart.
  4. J. Hoffman


    IMG for the win.
  5. J. Hoffman

    Glass Patten

    I'll sell you mine. I hate it.
  6. J. Hoffman

    Makers Mark size

    This reminds me, I need to call Patricia.
  7. J. Hoffman

    Fun sharpness tests...

    I use the last test you did with the paper folded over, but not creased. I try to cut ovals out of the paper.
  8. J. Hoffman

    Damascus kitchen knife

    Looks Great Larry, See you in Janesville!
  9. J. Hoffman

    I am an idiot!

    I see that as a blessing. It broke for you and not your customer.