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    First knife is done!

    Looks like you're on a roll !! Invest in some tooling,you will go far! Sincerly, Ron.
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    Desert Ironwood PDP

    Very handsome pkg.,Mighty nice work!...Ron.
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    Experiment gone Right (?)

    Looks aged rite out of the chute Rudy! nice patina. You did real good.Real interested in those scales for future work. Sincerly, Ron.
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    A few more new ones...

    As always,outstanding craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing. Ron.
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    A half dozen new pieces from the PA hills...

    Outstanding work! Thanks for shareing. Ron.
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    A VERY special frame handle bowie...

    Outstanding! Good luck& congrats.
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    Prayers Needed For Mom

    Prayers and best wishes go to you Stabber. Sincerly, Ron.
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    integral with mammoth ivory

    That is one piece of work !! Very talented. Ron.
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    "The Gamblers Edge"

    Outstanding, as usual Bruce !!
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    Western Bowie

    Outstanding !
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    Name that Knife... Karelian Birch Utility Fighter

    The whole package looks sweet Erin. Nice work, Ron.
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    No Weld Grinder question.

    What Garry & Wayne said x 2. Pay attention to being square,and the plans will get you there. You will be happy with the results. Good luck. Sincerly, Ron.
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    Wicked Edge ?

    Eric, I love mine. All the tips above should be helpful. Try wiping down the inside of the clamping device before use. Could be fileing debris clinging to the surfaces. I find tightning the top screw first till blade is firm in clamp...then tightning the lower screw last does the trick for me...
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    6 bar twist Bowie

    Absolutly fine piece of work! All the best, Ron.
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    My Second Knife and Sheath...looking for critique

    Whole pkg. looks great,and this is only you're second! Keep 'em coming. Sincerly, Ron.
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    Bad To The Bone, Ka-Bar Clone!!

    Sweet Workmanship, Bravo! Ron.
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    Loveless Style Nessmuk

    Fine piece of work! Sincerly, Ron.
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    Small Stag Bowie {Hidden tang #2}

    Sweet as sin ! That is one handsome piece of work. Ron.
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    Going Full Time...

    Best of luck to you boss, sincerly, Ron.
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    Loveless classic drop point with desert iron wood

    Sure is an eye catcher Scott! Nice work.