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  1. Justin W.

    Laser Engraver

    I’m so sorry guys I meant to say less then 5k That definitely makes a difference lol is there any setup I could get that wouldn’t cost as much as a car I may be asking a lot Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Justin W.

    Laser Engraver

    Hey guys I’d really like to start using a laser to engrave my makers mark! Is there a machine that could do this that would cost 5K. I know there’s a lot of knife makers on here and I’d just like to hear out my options Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Justin W.

    Koa Block Sale!

    Lol following this thread
  4. Justin W.

    Desert Ironwood Burl Scales - SOLD

    Oh snap that’s beautiful!
  5. Justin W.

    Zipper Pouches (squishy and fluffy!)

    @Daniel Macina bro this seems right up your alley
  6. Justin W.

    mill on craigslist...

    Dang John! You were so close!
  7. Justin W.

    A little throwback was good for me...

    Geez Chris I feel like I’m having a flashback right now! Yup that kid has the fire and grit to make it far in this craft! Truth be told he’d probably find a way to make it work even if you didn’t help him out but I know he has GOT to appreciate the leg up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve...
  8. Justin W.

    DELETE see 2020 KITH Sign up

    Are you saying you have a source for unicorn antler because I happen to have a client
  9. Justin W.

    First Hawk!

    Yep it’s just birch Casey’s rifle bluing
  10. Justin W.

    First Hawk!

    H hey that’s a great idea I’ll definitely have to do that
  11. Justin W.

    First Hawk!

    Yeah it is!
  12. Justin W.

    First Hawk!

    I finally was able to finish a full tang hawk last week and I’m a little to proud of it LOL. It’s made from 8670 carbon steel with a burlap micarta handle and a kydex sheath. I was really surprised to find out it throws like a dream. I hope to make a lot more of these in the future
  13. Justin W.

    Kydex Question

    I make these with a pretty low key setup. I use a toaster oven to heat my kydex, a homemade press using shop mats and 2x4s and finally a hand eyelet setter that I think I got off of USAknifemaker
  14. Justin W.

    pay it forward thread gone?

    Cant wait till you get your new knife to process your next moose with
  15. Justin W.

    Looking for knife maker or weapon creator

    sure thing I just sent you an email Sure man I have a Facebook page you can check out H&S Knives on Facebook I’m the one with the orange logo let me know what you think mid really prefer to
  16. Justin W.

    Looking for knife maker or weapon creator

    Hey Sebastian I could probably handle the Jack Krauser Knife but the sickle isn’t my cup of tea. Do you have Instagram?
  17. Justin W.

    Vacuum press

    Shoot this isn’t what I thought it was Jim. I’m probably gonna have to pass
  18. Justin W.

    And the Madness Continues............

    Yeah I think so too! I hope to make the most of it while I’m unemployed :)
  19. Justin W.

    Vacuum press

    Do you think this pump would work?
  20. Justin W.

    And the Madness Continues............

    Just got the word two days ago that my lay-off would be extended until July 19th. My orders haven’t stopped coming in so it’s looking like I will be able to continue sustaining myself using the the craft and a lot of help from friends and family. Anyways I’ve gotten into a nice groove where I...