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  1. Bill Hubbell

    Stabilizing Juice

    I noticed on the Amazon description of the second link, with the pump, pot, and everything, it says "not for wood stabilizing". I wonder if there's a good reason for their disclaimer, or if it will work fine and they are just wanting to avoid warranty claims. I have a similar pump that I've...
  2. Bill Hubbell

    Anyone making micarta?

    Wow, Taz- You've produced a lot of beautiful results! Fun, isn't it?
  3. Bill Hubbell


    I came in about half way through. But that was a good one. Thx for the challenge Mark!
  4. Bill Hubbell


    A man with his sword on backwards, holding a hat? Diane (my wife) says a fish hook.
  5. Bill Hubbell

    Hey Walt- Bill Hubbell here. Life has kind of pulled me away from making knives but my heart is...

    Hey Walt- Bill Hubbell here. Life has kind of pulled me away from making knives but my heart is still in it. I think of you every now and then and sometimes wonder how you are doing. I was searching KD for some info today and saw that apparently you posted or something in August 2020. So...
  6. Bill Hubbell

    Kydex Question

    On a Glock, does most of the retention occur at the front of the trigger guard? And do you fill in around the trigger itself some to give it ample clearance? The sight channel and ejection port I get, and figure I can handle but wondered about the trigger area. TIA
  7. Bill Hubbell

    Kydex Question

    That’s great news Ed. Thx! And I wasn’t aware of ‘dummy guns’ made for molding or Kydex forming purposes. I’ll be checking into those, but just out of curiosity cuz I probly won’t spend what they want for them. Thx guys.
  8. Bill Hubbell

    Kydex Question

    A question, Ed: I'd like to do a couple holsters for my Glocks, but cringe at the fifty dollar dummy guns to use for molding. I've seen some videos using the composite firearm and saying the heat won't hurt it, but I can't make myself risk it (with the composite frames). What you say? Have you...
  9. Bill Hubbell

    The Gamblers Bowie

    So sweet! the symmetry, detail, workmanship, everything right down to the forged belt clip with a history.
  10. Bill Hubbell

    Micarta Tactical

    That's a beaut!
  11. Bill Hubbell

    Artificial Sinew

    I've used quite a bit from Tandy and never had either of those two problems.
  12. Bill Hubbell

    Finished Bowie

  13. Bill Hubbell

    What's going on in your shop?

    Turn out the lights and see if they glow in the dark!
  14. Bill Hubbell

    Forging a blade

    Looks healthy! I kind of like the profile just as it is. How did grinding go? seems like I don't get my forged blades very flat, cuz I usually run into some grief when grinding them. But,looking great. What are you planning for the handle?
  15. Bill Hubbell

    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    Cliff- so sorry to hear of all your struggles- both you and your wife, and all your family! I too truly believe in the power of prayer and my wife and I are praying for all of you. It’s so hard when God doesn’t answer our prayers as we want, and you can’t find the ‘sense’ in what is occurring...
  16. Bill Hubbell

    Adhesives for holding "Glass" to platen

    Used contact cement on mine (with a shelf). The old school stuff that’ll get you high if you’re not careful! It’s been on there 4 or 5 years. But I probly only make 4 or 5 knives a year.
  17. Bill Hubbell

    Finished Photo -Finally back in the shop with a new build

    I can see how that would get you motivated! Looks like it’s gonna be a nice one!
  18. Bill Hubbell

    Costs of running a heat treat furnace??

    Thx, Drew Ok, I officially started a Building an Oven Notes/Tips document to gather info like this for my build. And, yeah, a tutorial would be great when you start building! - but if you're anything like me, I always come up short when it comes to doing informational videos. etc. And, I feel...
  19. Bill Hubbell

    Steak knife brainstorm questions.

    I'm soaking all this up. I made the mistake of telling my wife I would make her another kitchen knife like I made her at Christmas- but in Stainless instead of high carbon (at her request). I think my mouth wrote a check my body can't cash. I'm not set up for stainless but Demo generously...
  20. Bill Hubbell

    Costs of running a heat treat furnace??

    OK, Drew. Now you did it... I can't justify the purchase price of an oven, but would sure like to have one. I can probably handle the task. Built my gas forge, 2x72 grinder, and am in the process of a power hammer (but on the other hand, I ain't getting any younger!). So, could you expound a...