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  1. G. Shahan

    A hunter I just finished.

    nice Cal
  2. G. Shahan

    Does Knifedogs seem a lot less active to you?

    Hey guys, I'm one of those guys that check this forum every day but I don't post much. I consider myself a reasonably accomplished maker, I am a journeyman smith, I have won a few "best" awards at a couple of small shows, and have had pictures of a couple of knives in magazines. That...
  3. G. Shahan


    Very well done! Greg
  4. G. Shahan

    First knives (in progress)

    You certainly jumped in with both feet. Good job. Greg
  5. G. Shahan

    Perplexed!!!! Flaw??

    Is it some sort of odd hamon? I've blown it up on my screen and it doesn't look like scratches to me. Greg
  6. G. Shahan

    Drop point hunter

    Thanks again. Greg
  7. G. Shahan

    Drop point hunter

    Thanks! Greg
  8. G. Shahan

    Laddered "W's" and ironwood bowie

    Nice!!! Greg
  9. G. Shahan

    Drop point hunter

    1075, stabilized spalted hormingo, and 410/copper/G-10 bolster. Thanks for looking. Greg
  10. G. Shahan

    Viking Bowie

    Very nice knife!!! Greg
  11. G. Shahan

    Kirinite MOP Dagger

    Mark, Fantastic knife. I agree that the blade should be more highly finished. A whole career could be based on variations of that knife. You have an obvious talent for that "type" of handle, cultivate it and you'll go far. Greg
  12. G. Shahan

    Small hunter

    Hi Jeremiah, Steel is 1084/15n20, 120 layers loosely laddered, and hot blued. Handle is stabilized koa. Guard is 410 stainless. Thanks for looking, Greg
  13. G. Shahan

    Dark background

    Christie's gun blue sold by Smith gun. Best bluing I've found. Greg
  14. G. Shahan

    Tongs for holding a ball peen to make a Tomahawk

    Vaughnt, That is pure genus. I see those all the time and never had a use for them. Greg
  15. G. Shahan

    Ghost Dog

    That an impressive piece, good work. Greg
  16. G. Shahan

    Two more Bowies

    I like them both but the first one is outstanding. Greg
  17. G. Shahan

    Scagel Style Skinner

    Nice work! Greg
  18. G. Shahan

    Donation piece

    Nicely done! Greg
  19. G. Shahan

    Small hunter

    Here's another I just finished
  20. G. Shahan

    Large hunter