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  1. chasepatterson

    OTF design notes

    They had a great knife for WWII Paratroopers, but I forget the name of it...
  2. chasepatterson

    OTF Auto Build

    I feel like I learned a lot in a very short amount of time. Thank you OP.
  3. chasepatterson

    DO NOT Try to Take Yr Knife into a Presidential Candidate's Rally!1,000s Confiscated

    Dang, even outside food and beverages are banned. They aren't kidding around.
  4. chasepatterson

    N690 and Ironwood

    Looks great, and awesome blade steel choice as well.
  5. chasepatterson

    Hello all.

    Hey Valeriy, welcome to the forum :)
  6. chasepatterson


    That V-42 is one of my favorite military blades.
  7. chasepatterson

    Interesting Camillus Navy Knife- I wish it could talk

    I love the jewel at the bottom, what is it made from?
  8. chasepatterson

    Hello all.

    Hola, welcome to the forum!
  9. chasepatterson

    15" bush sword

    Wow, I'm glad that they didn't decide to polish it!
  10. chasepatterson

    Allah LockBar!

    I just came here to say, excellent post title! I laughed for a good 15 seconds. :35:
  11. chasepatterson

    Simplex flipper

    I like how you added the lanyard hole detached from the actual scales, looks good.
  12. chasepatterson

    First Knife Design, feedback appreciated!

    I like the shape of the tanto, it looks pretty intimidating.
  13. chasepatterson

    Harley folder

    I love the layered orange and black