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  1. tkroenlein

    First time using Vinegaroon...

    The best I've used is Fiebings Pro. But black is always hinky for me. Minimum of 3 coats. It takes so much dye to get it looking good. I'd use something that worked better for me, too, if'n I'd came across something I liked better.
  2. tkroenlein

    First time using Vinegaroon...

    Resolene works to seal the dye against rub off as well.
  3. tkroenlein

    Sumthin new (to me, anyway)

    So I asked my very smart nephew who has a degree in tree stuff (that's my country way of saying he knows stuff about forests and their applications for structural purposes, and what effects different conditions had on strength and blah blah blah) about the heat treated woods (cooked at like 350F...
  4. tkroenlein

    Tkroenlein Photo Gallery

    Thank you.
  5. tkroenlein

    Tkroenlein Photo Gallery

    And some hunters.
  6. tkroenlein

    Tkroenlein Photo Gallery

    Been a minute since I've posted anything. Doing a lot of bushcraft friendly stuff.
  7. tkroenlein

    Anvil mounting height

    Knuckle high +2" on mine.
  8. tkroenlein

    Leather Question - Color Transfer

    1) Stain. Fiebing's Pro Dye much preferred. 2) Quick rub with cloth while still damp. 3) Condition once dry (post stitch/assembly) with Neatsfoot or Golden Mink oil. Let it dry a day. 4) Top coat with 50/50 Resolene and water for a soft/satin sheen. Straight Resolene can get pretty glossy...
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    Hello there

  10. tkroenlein

    Greetings from Turkey

    Welcome! Looking forward to you sharing!
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    Hi Paul!
  12. tkroenlein

    The fourth

    Happy Independence Day!
  13. tkroenlein

    Metric Drill Bit Sizes

    ^ That is correct. I didn't even pay no mind to the numbers. Those number bits are eensy weensy.
  14. tkroenlein

    Metric Drill Bit Sizes

    I like at least .003" clearance but not over .007" clearance. I think those you picked would be perfect.
  15. tkroenlein

    Re-handle opinions…

    Me too! I thought the final owner of the knife did the handle job. Modifying your work to pass off to someone else is another matter.
  16. tkroenlein

    Re-handle opinions…

    I wouldn't worry about it one bit.
  17. tkroenlein

    410, 420 steel prices.

    Some materials in some shapes have been non existent and/or stupidly priced. It's hit and miss but there is some more "common" stuff that has been vapor ware. We waited 6 months for an overhead door spring that's nothing special. But nobody was rolling it due to either material supply or product...
  18. tkroenlein

    Grinder kit ups and downs

    Most motors will not run on a speed controller. You only see low HP/watt PSC motors work reliably like that.
  19. tkroenlein

    What's going on in your shop?

    I had been quoted $7/L but I showed up at the end of the day on a Friday. They (the shop guys) filled it for $30 even, so $3/L.