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  1. stabber

    "Ruins"- large bowie

    o_O Looks Fantastic ! Great work
  2. stabber

    Indian George

    Thanks for Posting this, Wayne A lot of Great Times at his Hammer ins. One of which I had the pleasure of meeting You Indian George sure will be Missed ! Prayers for IG & His Family !!
  3. stabber

    San Mai Camp Chopper

  4. stabber

    M390 Sendero with dyed Black Ash burl.

    Looks great, Darrin
  5. stabber

    Tactical Hunter

    She's a beauty. Looks like a Comfy design
  6. stabber

    Polishing knife blanks

    Finish Knives, LMAO. You mean Finnish USAknifemaker Steel Sticks
  7. stabber

    Big Camp Bowie

    Killer piece . I Love Afzelia wood
  8. stabber

    What's going on in your shop?

    Dang ! That is Lookin good
  9. stabber


    Very nice work
  10. stabber

    What the Heck is MOKU-TI???

    What is the Difference between MokuTi & Timascus ? Then you have ZircuTi Iy Yi Yi :)
  11. stabber

    Hello from NJ

  12. stabber

    Erik Markman JS: Spalted Oak Fighter (Ultra Hi-Res ZOOM image)

    Looks great. Beautiful pic !
  13. stabber

    Awesome find ! (Fowler?)

    That is Ed's Logo. Nice score
  14. stabber

    keeping this one

    Nice work
  15. stabber

    Shearwater - Fixed Blade

    Beauty, Sean ! See ya at the NYCKS
  16. stabber

    Piggyback sheath

    Nice work
  17. stabber

    W2 hunter

    Beauty !!
  18. stabber

    Jerry Fisk Silver Gold Sendero

    HOLY MOLY....That is Gorgeous!!