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  1. ragingwolf66

    HHH Damascus Watch and knife set!

    That is stunning work all around
  2. ragingwolf66

    Coye Model GK1

    Very Nice!!!
  3. ragingwolf66

    Been gone awhile.

    Sorry dogs, I have been out of the picture for a bit. Last couple years have had some serious ups and downs beginning with the death of my newborn son in April of 2011. My life has been a circus. I began a new job in December of 2011 and have been here for a year now as a Juvenile Justice...
  4. ragingwolf66

    "The Alaskan" - WIP

    Going to the Alaska interior huh? I would love to see them. I am in Fairbanks!!!
  5. ragingwolf66

    Sorry I havent been around

    Recently had a severe family tragedy. A lethal anomaly was discovered during my wifes pregnancy and at 29 weeks gestation, My son was born and died on April second. The knife community is like family to me. Many of you have reached out. Just wanted to let you know, I am still around albeit an...
  6. ragingwolf66

    custom paratrooper folders

    What ever the name is, That is a great looking knife!!!
  7. ragingwolf66

    What's your first name?

    My name is Ed. I have been called Edward, and even Eddie. 20 years in the Military my last name (Reuther)was used instead, so I really dont care what I am called as long as it isnt late for supper!!!!
  8. ragingwolf66

    Knife Give away

    Congrats!!! I am in!!!
  9. ragingwolf66

    Another wootz slippie

    That is a very fine looking slippie. I love Wootz!!!
  10. ragingwolf66

    A few I finished lately

    I see them all. Great work buddy!!!
  11. ragingwolf66


    I really like that one a lot!!! Is that going to be a regular model?
  12. ragingwolf66

    Mammoth Tooth Linerlock

    There is nothing that looks like Mammoth!!! That is amazing!!!
  13. ragingwolf66

    Ox Forge Black Knife

    Thank you Sandy. It is great to see you here!!!
  14. ragingwolf66

    Victorinox Swiss Army Knives EDC

    I carry a Tinker that came as part of a collectors set with a Bear MGC Hunter. They are both in real tree camouflage. I dont carry the bear all that much because it is small. But the SAK (Which is a true Victorinox Tinker) Gets left front pocket carry daily. It keeps me from using my Main EDC...
  15. ragingwolf66

    What's your production EDC today?

    Today I carried an Emerson CQC-7A!!! I have been EDCing a Combative Edge M-1 pretty frequently though!!!
  16. ragingwolf66

    Happy B'day to Ed Caffrey

    Happy Birthday from one Ed to another!!!!! Hope Montana is warmer than Alaska is now!
  17. ragingwolf66

    Ox Forge Black Knife

    I have really been interested in one of these for a long time. I even emailed him and found out that I could order one directly from him vice going through GSA. I was even more excited to find that I qualified for the Military/LEO discount. So before I even consider pulling the trigger, Does...