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  1. Robert Dark

    W-2 Skinner - Been a while.........

    Thanks gang. I need to get out of this little "Funk" that I have been in and get back to making some stuff. Dozier......... Glad that kitchen knife is working for you. Darrin........Those Dirt Daubers can be a real PITA. Its as if they build those nests in places they know will make you mad. :)
  2. Robert Dark

    W-2 Skinner - Been a while.........

    Haven't done much knife making lately......... Sort of been in a "Low-Burn-Out" feeling, but I did manage to finish this little skinner just to see if I could still do it. W-2 with a lightly forced antique finish. The handle material is black Linen Micarta with Micarta Pins and some...
  3. Robert Dark

    Survey Time! Enter your favorite wood here

    Ironwood and Maple Burl
  4. Robert Dark

    Good Blade Show

    Sure enjoyed chatting with you Calvin. Your knives are top notch for sure. Now, if I can just remember some of the tips you gave me.......... Robert
  5. Robert Dark

    Roman knot file work?

    There are no secrets in knifemaking, only undiscovered opportunities. Robert
  6. Robert Dark

    D2, Muskox w/red liner and 416ss

    Super nice job Bruce. Really like the scales. Robert
  7. Robert Dark

    Help on 154 Heat Treat for Slipjoint spring

    Ooops......... Double Tap
  8. Robert Dark

    Help on 154 Heat Treat for Slipjoint spring

    Thanks Jason, I guess it was higher than seems normal. I have access to a RC tester. I will start at 1125 and go from there. Thanks again, Robert
  9. Robert Dark

    Help on 154 Heat Treat for Slipjoint spring

    I know I have seen it somewhere, but I can't seem to put my fingers on it. Making a slip joint blade and back spring from 154CM. At what temp should I draw the back spring? Seems like I read somewhere that around 1200 would be right. That seems mighty high. Any suggestions...
  10. Robert Dark

    quench plate question

    Edited:........ I must be getting old........ Everything I had to say has already been said....... Somehow missed the first page of posts.
  11. Robert Dark

    Goddard's Goop .

    Do not throw away the Bacon Grease.......... Its a sacrilege......... When you are working away forging or grinding, you can dip a hot blade in the grease from time-to-time to remind you that it is time to stop what you are doing and have a bacon sandwich. :biggrin: Other than the wonderful...
  12. Robert Dark

    OK, I cheated just a little.......

    Bruce, you nailed that one, and its even more fun when you "Show" it to folks and tell them that you made it. The usual reaction is "No Way.... You didn't make that.....How could you make make that?" That is usually followed up by... "Can you make me one?"......."How much"........ Then, when...
  13. Robert Dark

    My first knife

    I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet................ If that is your first, whatever you do, don't let it get away from you. Keep it and if you continue making knives, pull it out every 6 months and compare it to your latest knife. You will appreciate the progress made over time...
  14. Robert Dark

    OK, I cheated just a little.......

    Thanks guys. I have decided that a "Pattern" may be the best way to go. Let someone else do the foot-work. I can always modify to suit my needs. The design and fit on this kit is very good considering its a "KIT KNIFE". With a little fine tuning, it would make someone a nice knife...
  15. Robert Dark

    OK, I cheated just a little.......

    I ordered a single blade Trapper kit from our own Tracey. I did this with the intention of possibly using it as a pattern. After checking it out, I decided to toss the included 440-C blade (even though it may have been OK..... I didn't test it), and tossing the included handle scales. I...
  16. Robert Dark

    I'm going to be rich!

    Bruce, this is NOT a scam. I checked her out. She is legit. I will have all the funds transferred in to my account, but I have a slight problem. I need to send her lawyer $10,000.00, and I can only raise $5,000.00 right now. Here is the deal, If you would PayPal me 5 grand, I will gladly...
  17. Robert Dark

    Dedicated Tempering Oven

    Ah-so......... Makes sense to me know. Thanks for the answer. Robert
  18. Robert Dark

    Dedicated Tempering Oven

    Love reading your posts Kevin. I can keep up most of the time, but you threw me a curve on this one. Can you explain your low temp salt tube and how you use it in your Evenheat? Thanks, Robert
  19. Robert Dark

    Latest Effort

    Thanks Travis. I'll check into Mr. King's stamps. Robert
  20. Robert Dark

    Bell style Dirk

    Looks good Sam. Batson and Longmire are both great at these. Yours is coming along nicely. Show us the finished product. Robert