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  1. Bruce McLeish

    Two blades

    Oh la la dee doh ,what a nice blade looks great !!!!
  2. Bruce McLeish

    First Gyuto with Saya

    Well done , well done.
  3. Bruce McLeish

    Spencer Aplin/Jordon Berthelot blade design

    Say "WHAT WHAY " . That is beautiful. Thanks.
  4. Bruce McLeish

    Florida hurricane...

    Prayers out to Floridians. I'll take the forest fires.... Y'all can have the hurricane. Stay as safe as you can.
  5. Bruce McLeish

    W2 & Amboyna burl bowie

    John, what kind of finish are you using on the wood ? Tru oil ?
  6. Bruce McLeish

    What's going on in your shop?

    Nice one, OPaul.. Interesting blade shape - I just completed one very similar and haven't decided if I like it yet. Gonna have to live with it for awhile.
  7. Bruce McLeish

    Awesome Tiger Curl Walnut...

    I'll take the last on the right. But, as you know, I don't do pay pal. M.O. Ok with you ?. Snail mail addy needed. Thanks
  8. Bruce McLeish

    New gun holster...

    Yeah, I understand. That's also why we live 50 miles past the boondocks !
  9. Bruce McLeish

    New gun holster...

    Suppose you're hunting in the city?
  10. Bruce McLeish

    Problem with Electro Etching?

    Ken, his mark is obvious. It's the warning sign for trucks approaching a steep downgrade. Sheesh!
  11. Bruce McLeish

    New gun holster...

    Sa-weet there cowboy.l
  12. Bruce McLeish

    How to grind this shape

    r u using the dreaded grinding machina?
  13. Bruce McLeish

    OPauls Knife Picture Thread

    Man, you are really trying to catch up, huh.? And you haven't lost a step, either! Great to have you back, opaul !
  14. Bruce McLeish

    WIP: Full Featured 2x72 for under $1500?!? Housemade Gen 4 Revolution Kit Build

    This was one terrific WIP. At first, I figgered "I could do that ". Then it changed to " NO "$%-%$ing way could I do that". I'll be sticking to my files and elbow grease. Thanks again for the WIP.
  15. Bruce McLeish

    Sumthin new (to me, anyway)

    We do NOT have brass and plastic sandwich bags . The new bags are composed of used covid masks and are mandated by his majesty, king Newsome, the idiot.
  16. Bruce McLeish

    Sumthin new (to me, anyway)

    That's what happens when you live in the Florida boondocks. Even though ya got a very good governor.
  17. Bruce McLeish

    What's going on in your shop?

    just goes to show ya - I never even heared of it.
  18. Bruce McLeish

    Sumthin new (to me, anyway)

    Have any of y'all heard of torrified wood ? I was looking evil bay and a vendor was advertising maple burl as such. Turns out it's real. It's a heat treat for wood. You can Google it. Seems was developed for guitars and has now migrated to knives and guns. Don't know that I trust it for...