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    New Grinding Belts

    i was taught to use brand new sharp belt on wood and that it would still be good for metal.
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    Three Finger Knife

    very nice!
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    First Kitchen Knife

    nice! what is the handle material in front of the blue material?
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    knife hardness

    where is a good place to find info on how hard different kinds of knives should be? Doug Jn. 3:16
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    Knife with Finished Sheath

    great work! doug adams Jn. 3:16
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    A Big THANK YOU to Tracy and his Staff!

    Merry Christmas and thanks everyone!
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    A couple of fully restored mammoth tusks

    Mark those tusk are beautiful. What would you sell the 11.5' tusk for? Doug John 3:16
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    Carrollton, Villa Rica, Ga. - West Georgia - East Alabama. - Ga Custom Knifemakers Guild Meeting

    The Guild will be hosting a knifemakers meeting on Saturday, October 21st. The public is welcome to attend. There will be forging demos and the opportunity to meet custom knifemakers and see handmade knives. Paul Brach, finalist from Forged in Fire, will be forging a hunting knife. Scott...
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    Respirator failure..

    You can't get a complete seal with facial hair. They have a special machine to check us with where I work and they won't even check you with any facial hair. Doug Jn. 3:16
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    Lost in Old Age

    Thanks Ray.
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    Lost in Old Age

    Thanks Raymond, What do you use to dye it with? Doug Jn. 3:16
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    Lost in Old Age

    Great looking combo Raymond. Glad to see you posting again. Did you dye the handle? Doug Jn. 3:16
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas!
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    Merry Christmas to Everyone...... and a chuckle

    Merry Christmas everybody! Doug Jn. 3:16
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    Looking for a Neo Tribal smith near me and a smith that does custom knives

    Robert Dark is a very good bladesmith and makes beautiful knives. He lives in Anniston, al. Doug Adams
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    Clorox Bleach and Bluing Etch

    Frank this is going to be my first time using this method. I did a google search using this (clorox bleach and bluing etch finish for knives). A lot of info came up and you can also find it on the knife forums. Bleach can make some very bad fumes if mixed with the wrong thing so read up and be...
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    Clorox Bleach and Bluing Etch

    I guess you need to use a resist on the edge of the blade when using bleach and bluing to age a blade. I am afraid it will eat the edge away if I don't. What is the best thing to use for a resist to keep it from eating the edge? Thanks, Doug Jn.3:16