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    What do you use to cut your metal out?

    FYI, swag has a bad batch of tables with miter slots that are too wide. This is the b4 stand. Inquire about the miter slot dimension prior to buying.
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    Thread for tips on keeping our Dogs Happy & healthy!

    If you create suds when washing the dog, it's too much shampoo. Less is more and they will likely be less itchy.
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    Norseman drill sets

    This deal will run through next Friday, October 17 at 4:30 PM EST. Please don't wait till the last day at 4:30 to place the order. I'm sure Patrick would appreciate getting things squared away a bit sooner than that.
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    Recent batch of slicers and dicers

    Very cool. What type of pins are are the chunky ones?
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    Norseman drill sets

    Here is another great deal on Norseman drill products. No restrictions. All items available.
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    AHEG (Awesome Horizontal Edge Grinder) construction and assymbley WIP.

    Seems like a good recommendation unless every wheel is going to be used and every wheel is different.
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    if most fighters are utilitarian, then why have more there that needs to be there ? I guess it's in the kiss principle. more time spent on something means more cost. you could use Damascus and have it engraved but it is not a better purpose built knife. you can post on blade forums and...
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    TAG 101 grinder or TW 90 grinder

    contacting beaumont via email is best..
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    Tracking on a Dewalt Portaband saw D28770

    I don't know what the hours are like on the dw but the milwaukee ties have little nubs on the underside and female nubs on the wheels. mine were not installed properly. taking them off fully and reinstalling allowed for proper blade location. Maybe try that.
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    Those that own a KMG

    the pluses for the kmg are that you can totally modify the platform as you see fit. it is made of steel plates so the sky is the limit. a better tool arm is in my future for sure. making a kmg go horizontal is pretty easy.
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    Those that own a KMG

    Chris it's supposedly going to offer a work rest for the kmg.
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    Norseman drill group buy :-)

    Just a reminder: This deal ends today. If you have not closed the deal, then please do so. If you need information, then call Patrick and he will help you out. Thanks
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    Norseman drill group buy :-)

    This Norseman deal end on Monday July 7, 2014. Check the pricing in the link. If you download the PDF file (it takes longer than you would think) you can see all the norseman products. If you need pricing on anything, check the thread as...
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    Norseman drill group buy :-)

    This deal is going on through Monday July 7, 2014.
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    Norseman drill group buy :-)

    this Norseman deal is going on now. all Norseman products ate available at huge discounts.
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    Norseman drill group buy :-)

    If anyone is interested in any Norseman products, there is a great group buy going on. The prices are the best I have seen anywhere. Take a look and see for yourself.
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    VSM. Found a new belt with great price to performance ratio

    I gotta get me some of these based on the comments.
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    Thank you Tracey

    I too feel that his community is very helpful. The casual but respectful level is much appreciated by me. Happy Holidays to all!
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    First Kitchen knife

    Should be a great knife. Interesting handle.
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    Small Utility Knife

    Very nice.