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  1. Curt Wommack

    Band Saw blades for G10??

    For anything thicker than .125", I use an old Lenox Diemaster bi-metal blade (14tpi I think) on my metal cutting saw. It works just fine. I tried to cut G10 once on my wood bandsaw (4 tooth) and watched the tips of all the teeth on a new blade fly off in the first 2 seconds. Speed kills...
  2. Curt Wommack

    Mobile 1

    Mobile 1 is good, but I like something else better! Prior to trying Mobile 1, I tried some cutting fluid I had by my drill press. It's the Kobalt Cutting fluid from Lowes. I had really good results from it but there was so much good press about the Mobile 1 that I bought a quart to try. The...
  3. Curt Wommack

    Lanynard Hole?

    If you try cleaning up the tube like Mike suggested and it still doesn't fit, try carbide burr and a Dremil, you can make a few passes inside your lanyard hole to open it up just a bit, epoxy will fill in any excess. A carbide F drill bit will do the trick as well.
  4. Curt Wommack

    Texas Toothpick Slipjoint WIP/Tutorial

    Thanks Bill, What an excellent tutorial! I've wanted to make a slipjoint for a long time but it seemed too difficult to get the geometry correct. You explained it very well.
  5. Curt Wommack

    Lightning Strike C/F & Superconductor

    That's a real looker, Steve! Nice work!
  6. Curt Wommack

    Looks Like we got hijacked

    Thanks, Jeff!!
  7. Curt Wommack

    Grandson's Christmas present

    That's just perfect for an 11 year old (or a 43 year old!) Nice work!!
  8. Curt Wommack

    Hello from western North Carolina

    Welcome Rick! I am a Western NC boy myself. It's good to see some "home" dawgs!
  9. Curt Wommack

    Found my lost knife

    I just might have to toss one of my knives by the roadside if it would help with orders! What a GREAT story! :)
  10. Curt Wommack

    the pirate bowie

  11. Curt Wommack

    orange hunter

    I just finished this one for one of my favorite makers. It is a big thrill to be able to make a knife for someone who has taught me so much about knifemaking. I sure hope he likes it! Here are the specs: Length: 7.5" Blade: 3" Tang: 5/32" Steel: 440C with hand rubbed satin finish & convex...
  12. Curt Wommack

    my custom tactical camp knife

    MMMMM! Beefy! Nice work!
  13. Curt Wommack

    novice leatherworker needs adult supervision

    Thanks all! I learned a lot on this one by "just doing it". I have some work to do to make the quality sheath I want to make but I'm pretty happy with the final result. Here's a pic of the finished knife with the sheath.
  14. Curt Wommack

    new direction

    This is a fairly large knife that I just finished. It's a bit outside my normal style but I thought it would be fun to make. It's 12.5" long and is made from D2 with red and black G10 handles. It was fun to make but more work than I expected Whatchathink?
  15. Curt Wommack

    novice leatherworker needs adult supervision

    It's getting close to the end. I think I'm gonna make it. Woo Hoo! Here's where we are to this point. Front piece has been applied and the edges sanded Here is the whole thing Gum tragacanth is used to help with burnishing the edges. Cutting the groove for the stitches...
  16. Curt Wommack

    novice leatherworker needs adult supervision

    I decided I am going to make this a learning experience. After some thought (and professional advice), I abandoned my first design. I originally began by making a butterfly-type sheath but decided to go another route, no sense in showing the first images. These pieces are for the second design...
  17. Curt Wommack

    novice leatherworker needs adult supervision

    Thanks RC! I plan to do some experiments this weekend to see what I can do. I have been working on a template I want to try but I may have to do a little trial and error to get it right. I also want to try some finishes on some scrap to see how they look. As for Kydex, it would be pretty easy...
  18. Curt Wommack

    novice leatherworker needs adult supervision

    Hi all, I am working on a project that I think is going to require a leather sheath and I'm not sure what my best approach should be. The knife is fairly large and has a very dramatic raised swedge and guard. I hope some of you veterans will take a look and offer a bit of advice on how to...
  19. Curt Wommack

    Flatgrinding with files

    Use sharp files and clean them often. Some folks use chalk to keep the file from loading. I just keep checking the file as I go and clean it every few passes. Once you start getting close to the thickness you want you want to switch from filing perpendicular to the blade and begin draw filing...