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  1. Tod Lowe

    Fishing Companion

    Great ideas and great work.:cool:
  2. Tod Lowe

    Back from a long layoff.

    Thanks Erik.:cool:
  3. Tod Lowe


    NIce one..really clean like everybody else says.
  4. Tod Lowe

    Full integral Harpagornis by Karl Heinz Koob from Wetzlar / Germany

    I love integrals anyways but this one is especially cool. Looks bad to the bone but classy too. Great job.
  5. Tod Lowe

    Back from a long layoff.

    Hey guys. I've been a member here for a long time but had to make a choice to put knife making on the back burner for a few years. Im getting more time now so Im going to try and get back to the "grind" :biggrin: Ive been lurking on here a couple days now and im still amazed and inspired by...
  6. Tod Lowe

    Damasteel Hunter

    Great combo of materials. That moose antler turned out real nice. I dont see that used much.
  7. Tod Lowe

    Orbis 10 in the making

    I do stock removal so these wips are very interesting to me and this Bowie looks like its going to be awesome when its done.
  8. Tod Lowe

    Toxic Santoku

    Very Cool knife for a kitchen knife.:cool: I need to make a few kitchen knives for my place.
  9. Tod Lowe

    Collaboration: Hammer Forged High Carbon Hunter

    I likes dem curves! Nice one.
  10. Tod Lowe

    For my favorite customer.

    Very very very cool piece.
  11. Tod Lowe

    "big one"

    Great Knife Wade.
  12. Tod Lowe

    First knife of 2012

  13. Tod Lowe

    A couple of my knives.

    Good work man.
  14. Tod Lowe

    3rd Annual KD July KITH

    Im in.
  15. Tod Lowe


  16. Tod Lowe

    My first ever knife project is finished

    Great 1st knife.
  17. Tod Lowe

    Warncliff pair

    Great work there Keith.
  18. Tod Lowe

    2011 kd member's choice awards categories

    We need an ugliest knife award so I have a shot at winning something!