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  1. rhinoknives

    New sidekick

    Sweet Picture! The bubble over the pup should read! “ Is this what we are suppose to do?!” Lol.. Sweet Puppy!
  2. rhinoknives

    Handle Fasteners (Someone PM me and tell me to shut up if I am making too many threads)

    G-Flex Epoxy is my favorite! I’m Extremely uhappy with it for about 10 years now and I used Gorilla glue before that.. Also I’ve used Loveless Bolts for over 20 years and say they are the strongest mechanical connection! ———- I believe Bossdog sells them, you want the matching step drill too!:cool:
  3. rhinoknives

    Slight injury, but a reminder

    With new quality belts , the only way I’ve had them break is when I’ve bent them waaay ovvvveer one side or the other on a slack belt.. Ceramic belts in work best with pressure !
  4. rhinoknives

    Slight injury, but a reminder

    Kevin & MICHAEL, No apologies needed! I thought you might of cross posted mean for another thread! It was late here and please except my apologies if I was sharp worded!
  5. rhinoknives

    Slight injury, but a reminder

    Would you please clairify your statement!
  6. rhinoknives

    Slight injury, but a reminder

    I wear googles or a full face shield and wear a baseball type cap to use like a curb scraper for parking ;).. Belts can break, so I protect my eyes & face ,, I grind sitting down so my sweet face is closer to the action than most of yours.. The belts usually tell us if there is a problem ...
  7. rhinoknives

    Tapered tang question

    Distal tapering the blade and the Tang gives a excellent visual when the customer holds it in their hand. The balance other’s have mentioned—————————————Especially when you have added in some colored fiber material to accent the space in between the scales & the tang! ———The Late Mr Bob Loveless...
  8. rhinoknives

    Belt Grinder for Sharpening

    I have my original Coote from 20 plus years ago that I kept when I bought more advanced machines and made into a sharpening & knife making demo machine. It’s a 2 x 72 with 8” wheel set up with a 1 hp KABC controller and sharpen about 200-600 mostly Culinary knives a week!! Works like a charm as...
  9. rhinoknives

    Belt question?

    Ed Covered this extremely well, Finer Belts, slower is better, Also the amount of pressure I use with finer belts gets lighter. Each maker, over time will find their own "Sweet Spot" of speed & pressure for each different material & belt.
  10. rhinoknives

    Plunge Line Question

    If you use a File Guide it will help insure a distinct 90 if you do your part, All so the image/knife at the top appears to have been ground with a wheel/Hollow while the bottom image/knife is a Flat grind
  11. rhinoknives


    Excellent Score! Any Sheath?
  12. rhinoknives

    How long you been making knives?

    Hello, I've been making knives since 1996. I used files and a mountain of sandpaper and of course. that most important ingredient, Elbow Grease!:3: After about 18 months I had saved enough to buy a Coote Belt Grinder 2 x 72". There were about four or five 2 x 72" MFG er's back then. Its...
  13. rhinoknives

    Proof that "Mr. Murphy" is alive and well!

    Ed, Mr. Murphy??? Maybe he had the parts broke so you could put your feet up and get some darn solid rest until your are better? You won't get anything done if your in the Hospital! Get better soon!
  14. rhinoknives

    Bruce D. Bump MS: "Scar Maker" Dagger (Ultra Hi-Res Image)

    Hello Bruce, Another Master Piece of a knife!:thumbup1:
  15. rhinoknives

    My first knife attempt

    Congrats, Now take everything you have learned and make the next one better! :35:
  16. rhinoknives

    What's going on in your shop?

    Welcome to knife making. Get yourself a Respirator of some kind. Over time, the Formaldehyde in Micarta will pickle your brain and all of the fine dust we create will destroy your lungs. I prefer these and sell them for full disclosure, this is not my ad and I sell them for less, but what is...
  17. rhinoknives

    Hollow or Flat

    Hello Ed, Scott, John and others! Ed, I agree with your comments about a true Hollow grind completely. I prefer flat, with just a taste of Convexing at the bottom 1/4-1/3 of a Full Flat Grind. I've debated having a machinist make an arch Platen that would replicate about an 8 foot, wheel...
  18. rhinoknives

    Folder and a few neck knives

    Hey Keith! I trust you are healing up after all of that cutting! Nice work on the knives! I'm still plugging along making knives & sharpening as well! Stay away from those doctors, they will make you sick!:3:
  19. rhinoknives

    Thinking of a new grinder..... but oh, the hurdles

    Ed, About three months ago I purchased a Wilmont Tag 101 with Chris's small wheel adapter with the second 2" wheel that brings the belt down on both sides so you can truly get that small wheel size you are after. Another plus is that he sells a rubber 70 duro meter drive wheel and I has not...
  20. rhinoknives

    Anybody know........??????

    The material I use to go over the wand is the synthetic Deer Skin, like you wipe down a Auto, Truck or Bike with, Sham Wow will do the job just fine too! I just scissor cut a rectangle and use a rubber band or pull it tight over the wand, A dip in Solution and I drag it across the taped down...