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  1. Ben Sellers

    Coote Grinder

    I have a 2x72 Coote grinder with 10” wheel for sale for $500. It has a glass platen and a 1.5 hp 120v wired motor. I have step pulleys on the motor and on the grinder wheel do there is a large amount of speed variability for a motor without a VFD. Please note the damage to one of the step...
  2. Ben Sellers

    Evenheat KH18 for sale

    If I keeping it closed up, maybe three weeks. That is a guesstimate as I haven’t taken special note of long it takes to go empty. I get charged less for a refill a tank that is not completely dry because they aren’t wasting LN cooling the tank back down. Makes the fill quicker too.
  3. Ben Sellers

    Evenheat KH18 for sale

    Yep, Atlanta or Macon are in my range.
  4. Ben Sellers

    Evenheat KH18 for sale

    I’m selling my lightly used KH18 oven for $1100. It has the solid state drive, Bill Burke modification, and Genesis programmable controller. It is a 110 volt unit but will reach over 2000 degrees. I have a roll of stainless foil I’ll throw in. I will throw in a 10L Ln dewar for another $100. I...
  5. Ben Sellers

    Shipping your Knives

    I wrap them in a usps bubble mailer and then wedge as small a flat rate box as they will fit in. I use a small enough box or enough mailers so that there is no movement at all. USPS will deliver both to your house in unlimited quantities free of charge. The only shipping material I pay for is...
  6. Ben Sellers

    New KMG

    I looked and then quickly looked away. Looks like a very nice machine that has definite improvements over the old design and many of their competitors. I looked away quickly because I can’t afford to decide I want one.
  7. Ben Sellers

    How to fix a mistake?

    If you were designing it for a snap facing the opposite way, you could take the existing strap location and make it a short nub with the bottom snap on it. You could make a strap/top snap coming from the front to complete the closure.
  8. Ben Sellers

    How to fix a mistake?

    Thank you
  9. Ben Sellers

    How to fix a mistake?

    So this is what I ended up with. I may need to clean up the cut outs a little with sandpaper or something like that but I had to put it down before I destroyed it.
  10. Ben Sellers

    How to fix a mistake?

    All great ideas. Thank you. I’m going to have to spend some time in contemplation.
  11. Ben Sellers

    How to fix a mistake?

    So I finished this sheath but placed the snap too loose. After moving the snap, the original hole is visible. Does anyone have an idea how to either hide the hole or make it not look so bad? I figure I could add more holes to make it look like a belt but that may look silly. Thanks
  12. Ben Sellers

    Got one finished.

    Very nice!
  13. Ben Sellers

    Found a new favorite knife (and maybe everything else) wax!

    Ed, are you still liking the bowling wax now that we're a couple of months down the road? I'm thinking about going this route when I get done with my can of Ren wax.
  14. Ben Sellers

    New maker here

  15. Ben Sellers

    Grain Growth

    I've watched the kmt video and its hard to compare. The demonstration of how fast the grain grew was something, but I know it was a couple of hundred degrees too hot too. I am thinking about getting the 1084 video too. Thanks for the heads up.